L.A. Times Daily - Dec 10 2020

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Clues Answers
"Did you __?!" EVER
"Holy moly!" WOW
"I wanna!" LEMME
"I __ had!" WAS
"Ideas worth spreading" conference TED
"Meet the Press" moderator TODD
"The Simpsons" creator Groening MATT
*Bovine that doesn't waste words? TERSESTEER
*Dog that had a few too many? LOOPEDPOODLE
*Insect that caught some rays? TANANT
*Sheep that can't see over the pasture wall? WEEEWE
*Weasel-family critter wearing clothes? GARBEDBADGER
2019 event for Pinterest, briefly IPO
Approach evening LATEN
Arizona locale for MLB spring training fans MESA
Bangkok locale ASIA
Big Ten sch OSU
Border ABUT
Breakfast fare EGGS
Breakfast fare CREPES
Cedes the floor YIELDS
Central Park tree ELM
Choice cut SIRLOIN
Class struggle? EXAM
Clever one WIT
Colossal GIANT
Court events TRIALS
Crush the final ACEIT
Desired medals GOLDS
Disco trio with a Grammy Legend Award BEEGEES
Downed ATE
Eclectic art technique MIXEDMEDIA
Enthusiastic AVID
Etna output LAVA
Exclusive, as a community GATED
Fair treat CORNDOG
Folds of music BEN
Glitz GLAM
Clues Answers
Guitar band STRAP
Habit WONT
Have in mind PLAN
Having one sharp ING
Hindu titles SRIS
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
In the least ATALL
iPhone assistant SIRI
Leave one's car unlawfully ... or where you might expect to find the creatures in the answers to starred clues? DOUBLEPARK
Legal wrong TORT
Like some dorms COED
Links event OPEN
Links machine MOWER
Low voice BASSO
Morning hrs AMS
Moussaka meat LAMB
Mudville number NINE
Perfect places EDENS
Pop singer Sands EVIE
Prez on a penny ABE
React to a missed exit TURNAROUND
Scant MERE
Scatter, as seed SOW
Scrapes (out) EKES
Sitcom set in a H.S. science class APBIO
Source of website revenue ADSALE
SpaceX CEO Musk ELON
Stenographer's stat WPM
Take steps ACT
Talk back to SASS
Tests for future OBs MCATS
Ultimatum words ORELSE
Visiting Vietnam, say ABROAD
Without a clue LOST
__ breath: bouquet filler BABYS
__ Canadiens: Montréal team LES