Universal - Dec 10 2020

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Clues Answers
"A likely story!" HAH
"And therefore ..." ERGO
"By yesterday!" ASAP
"Emma" star Taylor-Joy ANYA
"Frozen" reindeer SVEN
"Party on, Wayne!" "Party on, ___!" GARTH
"Pipe down, you!" OHHUSH
"Tut-tut!" syllable TSK
"What ___ the odds?" ARE
"With any luck!" IHOPE
Accessibility feature RAMP
Add energy to PUNCHUP
Approaches NEARS
Beer ___ (dorm game) PONG
Besmirch MAR
Biblical name that anagrams to "nose" ENOS
Boxer's warning SNARL
Carey with a signature whistle register MARIAH
Certain Jamaican, religiously RASTA
City with a tilted tower PISA
Climate activist Thunberg GRETA
Compete in a marathon RUN
Good name for an optometrist? IRIS
Greet from a distance WAVEHI
Greeting on Oahu ALOHA
Home made of logs CABIN
Humiliate ABASE
In ___ (harmonized) SYNC
Insect in a nest WASP
Ipanema Beach locale, informally RIO
It may go under your chin STRAP
Kind of soup at a sushi bar MISO
Like zombies UNDEAD
Liquefy PUREE
Little cut SLIT
Makes more formidable, as defenses BEEFSUP
Clues Answers
Manchester man CHAP
Microsoft Word setting that allows you to see edits TRACKCHANGES
Most exciting boxing match MAINEVENT
Much of Mali SAHARA
Nobelist Annan KOFI
Not remotely close AFAR
Obama ___ ERA
One starts with "The Lord is my shepherd" PSALM
One who may control 47-Across at a racecourse? PITCREWCHIEF
One who may control 47-Across at a railroad terminal? STATIONMASTER
One who may control 47-Across at a recording studio? MUSICPRODUCER
Org. for which RBG was general counsel ACLU
Over again ANEW
Pain in the neck HASSLE
Person who makes a goal SCORER
Placed in the mail SENT
Pleasant speaking cadence LILT
Powerful wind GALE
Pros at balancing, briefly? CPAS
Rough voice quality RASP
Sculling implement OAR
Singer Grande's nickname ARI
Small line on a leaf VEINLET
Stare in shock GAPE
Tel Aviv's nation ISRAEL
Tesla CEO Musk ELON
Travel by air HOPAPLANE
Trendy smoothie berry ACAI
Vladimir entombed in Red Square LENIN
Way up a mountain? PATH
Waze tech GPS
Wipe, as a whiteboard ERASE
Word after "litmus" or "lab" TEST
Yankees legend Jeter DEREK
___ step (basketball feint) STUTTER