- Dec 10 2020

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Clues Answers
''Turn up the heat!'' BRRR
''Where America's Day Begins'' GUAM
''Yo, dude!'' BRO
11th-century invaders NORMANS
Accumulate AMASS
Air leak sound SSSS
Big Band Era's ''King of Swing'' BENNYGOODMAN
Break apart SEVER
Cabs' competitor UBER
Cashew or almond NUTTREE
Casual wear TEE
Certain eroded hills MESAS
City near Tulsa ENID
Daisy preceder UPSA
Don't approach SHUN
Door rapper's reply ITSME
Doorway dimension WIDTH
Final Four round SEMIS
Fitzgerald of song ELLA
Five-foot instruments Babygrands
Flaxseed product OIL
Former country music channel TNN
Former Sprint rival GTE
Give a nickname to DUB
Golfer Alcott, or Alcott girl AMY
Group in the 46 Across pit OBOISTS
Groups like CARE NGOS
Guinness Book descriptor LONGEST
Hold 'em term ANTE
Just like me ASIAM
Leave no wiggle room INSIST
Major GPS renter AVIS
Many a 46 Across performer TENOR
Many planes ending in ''7'' BOEINGS
Maritime predator ORCA
Masthead VIPs EDS
McCartney plays it BASSGUITAR
Mix, as greens TOSS
Clues Answers
Mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
Mussorgsky ''czarist'' opera BORISGODUNOV
No later than UPTO
Outlandishly TOO
Pack animal ASS
PC ports USBS
Peacekeeping group NATO
Prego alternative RAGU
Project's beginning PHASEONE
Pulled off DID
Quite a comedian RIOT
Red Muppet ELMO
Reggae cousin SKA
Rhett Butler's last word DAMN
Running back's stat TDS
S&L ad stat APR
Short and snippy CURT
Slippery swimmers EELS
Somber film genre NOIR
Some S&L deposit destinations IRAS
Some S&L withdrawals LOANS
Subside EBB
Subside ABATE
Temp worker SUB
That: Sp ESO
The __ (alternate puzzle title) BEEGEES
Tofu base, in Britain SOYA
Triage pro, for short ERDOC
Two-Oscar Blanchett CATE
WA's high point MTRAINIER
Weather forecast, for instance OUTLOOK
What some margins are for ERROR
Whichever ANYOLD
White lightning MOONSHINE
White lightning, e.g IDIOM
Wordsworth work ODE
Work for SERVE