Universal - Apr 1 2010

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Clues Answers
"Biggest Little City in the World" RENO
"Purlie" star Moore MELBA
"___ season to be ..." TISTHE
Application question NAME
Bike, in slang HOG
Brow accumulation SWEAT
Cambridge college MIT
Cantrell or Turner LANA
City at the mouth of the Yangtze SHANGHAI
Conceive mentally IDEATE
Covert attention-getter PSST
Crooked ASKEW
Cut off in layers PARE
Definitely not this THAT
Devout one THEIST
Dole (out) METE
Double-curved arch OGEE
Downing and Main (Abbr.) STS
Fast food option TOGO
Filmdom's Scott RIDLEY
Fund, as a fellowship ENDOW
Gilbert & Sullivan's "Princess ___" IDA
Got by working EARNED
Hook, as a crook NAB
In need of cleaning UNSWEPT
In need of cleaning DUSTY
In sorrier shape WORSE
Irving of "Carrie" AMY
It's nothing to the French RIEN
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Like some coincidences EERIE
Long-running country revue HEEHAW
Mass. hours EST
Mechanical combatant, for short BOT
Melvin of baseball MORA
Nasal-voiced actress Drescher FRAN
Ogled EYED
Operatic prince IGOR
Clues Answers
Passover month NISAN
Pitchers in antique stores EWERS
Polite address MADAM
Prefix for "while" ERST
Quaint boutique SHOPPE
Raises one's glass to TOASTS
Regarding this matter, in legalese HERETO
Rickman of "Die Hard" ALAN
River by Windsor Castle THAMES
Romantic meetings TRYSTS
Safecracker, slangily YEGG
Salk vaccine target POLIO
Self-evident truth AXIOM
Semicircular church section APSE
Short-lived success FLASHINTHEPAN
Short-lived success ONEHITWONDER
Short-lived success SHOOTINGSTAR
Slow pitches LOBS
Small cave GROTTO
Snake sound HISS
Soap Box Derby championship state OHIO
Something to wrangle with LASSO
Start of a Kennedy quote ASK
Sue Grafton's "___ For Lawless" LIS
They put out high-frequency sounds TWEETERS
Tiny swarmer GNAT
Tony or Oscar AWARD
Tool for bending metal SWAGE
Type of cat, goat or rabbit ANGORA
Verb for a historian WAS
Well-to-do outlying area EXURB
When doubled, a New York prison SING
Where teams often have an advantage ATHOME
Wildebeest GNU
Wood beams TIMBERS
Word on a pack of cigs TAR
Word with "strength" or "city" INNER
Words before "carte" but not "horse" ALA