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Clues Answers
"A Horse With No Name" band doing a webcast? AMERICAONLINE
"Be well" TAKECARE
"Beth" band's last utterance at the end of a concert? KISSGOODNIGHT
"Disgusting!" UGH
"Drums Along the Mohawk" novelist Walter D. — EDMONDS
"If You Leave Me Now" band playing the same tune over and over? CHICAGOLOOP
"Know — enemy" THY
"Mama" Elliot CASS
"More Than a Feeling" band performing for 24 hours straight? BOSTONMARATHON
"No way!," slangily IXNAY
"Rocket Man" singer John ELTON
"Sunshine of Your Love" band sitting in for another band? CREAMFILLING
"Taxi" actress Henner MARILU
"The Goldbergs" actor George SEGAL
"The" or "an" ARTICLE
"These Dreams" band's musical beat? HEARTRHYTHM
"Wheels" CAR
"Woe — you!" UNTO
"Yowza!" OHMY
"— con Dios" ("Go with God") VAYA
"— Jacques" FRERE
Abrupt shock JOLT
Actress Chaplin OONA
Actress Seyfried AMANDA
Afore ERE
Ancient AGEOLD
Angry talk RANT
As sick as — ADOG
Athletic group TEAM
Atmosphere AIR
Back wheel pin REARAXLE
Batters' successes BASEHITS
Beach city near L.A MALIBU
Belief suffix ISM
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bi- plus one TRI
Boot part INSOLE
Bow wielder ARCHER
Brutish sort YAHOO
Buffets, e.g MEALS
Building wing ELL
Cherished by DEARTO
Chows down EATS
Christie's Hercule POIROT
Classic autos REOS
Classic soft drink brand NEHI
Color grade HUE
Composer Franz — Haydn JOSEF
Condition of the "Dust in the Wind" band? KANSASSTATE
Connect LINK
Crib sleeper BABY
Despite that YET
Edible mushrooms MORELS
Euro fraction CENT
Fake fat brand OLEAN
Film special FX CGI
Flood barriers DIKES
Flow checker DAM
Folding bed COT
French "a" UNE
God of war ARES
Granola tidbit OAT
Grass houses HUTS
Greek letter ETA
Gun rights gp NRA
Hamilton and Burr, notably DUELERS
Hardy's bud LAUREL
Having a lot of, as a nutrient RICHIN
Hefty's Cinch — SAK
High anxiety DISTRESS
Clues Answers
Hosp. areas ERS
Hunted beast PREY
In the know HIP
In the worst way, informally SOBAD
Infamous "Impaler" VLAD
J.D. Salinger title girl ESME
Kate's TV housemate ALLIE
Kind of clam STEAMER
Kind of tire or saw RADIAL
Kind of wasp HORNET
Kleenex sheet TISSUE
Laptop brand ACER
Livid MAD
Lofty nest AERIE
Long of "House of Lies" NIA
Maestro directing the "Drops of Jupiter" band? TRAINCONDUCTOR
Mai — TAI
Malleable PLASTIC
Meadow LEA
More dismal DREARIER
Nagging pain ACHE
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia IRAQ
Onassis' nickname ARI
Overjoy ELATE
Permit LET
Plea to hear a song from the "New World Man" band? RUSHREQUEST
Prefix with life or west MID
Prefix with realist NEO
Prefix with realist SUR
Put back to the default RESET
Puts back on, as weight REGAINS
Qualified ABLE
Quarterback Manning ELI
Recipe directive STIR
Recipe directive ADD
Revision issuer UPDATER
Roman tyrant NERO
Salon tinters DYERS
Satellite dish precursors ANTENNAS
Scrooge's first name EBENEZER
See 9-Down BABA
Sightseer TOURIST
Slip up ERR
Small, agile deer ROES
Smoke generator used by the "Make It With You" band? BREADMACHINE
Soap actress Sofer RENA
Soft mineral TALC
Stare intently GAZE
Stomped (on) TROD
Summer hrs. in D.C EDT
Tennis' Andre AGASSI
Tic- — -toe TAC
Tiny setback HICCUP
Toon Flanders NED
Tooth doctors' org ADA
Top points CRESTS
Tram loads ORES
Unit of work ERG
Urban haze SMOG
Veg-o-Matic company RONCO
Verb go-with NOUN
Very skilled people ADEPTS
Wasn't idle ACTED
Wide receiver Carter CRIS
With 52-Down, he said "Open, sesame!" ALI
Year, in Brazil ANO
Zeus' mother RHEA
— Alamos LOS
— Aviv TEL
— Romeo ALFA
— Scholar RHODES