The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,312 - Dec 9 2020

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Clues Answers
... here with old Pence and poor Melania, essentially not accepting what's happened INDENIAL
Alert Pompeo and Rudy for starters — time to get involved PAGER
Chief at heart persistently stunned AGHAST
Clear victor — one foolishly carping too much OVERCRITICAL
Country involved in machinations CHINA
Don't allow fraudulent vote! VETO
Easily best in election ultimately? Quite, it should end up in court TENNISBALL
Genius (it's been said) philosoph­ically isn't tweeting? Wrong WITTGENSTEIN
Get mad with one predicting Delaware setback SEERED
Good to see — have confidence to go off and travel widely GLOBETROT
Great man rejected — Biden finally getting busy TITAN
Grow up! Not right head of state is sounding off ... SPOUTS
Has recourse to sneaky moves, ignoring resistance USES
Mania repeatedly seen in work meetings — judgment at the top is lacking OBSESSIONS
Clues Answers
Meets again when screened by mirrors REASSEMBLES
Naughty or nice? Virginia on the outside's a different woman VERONICA
Not co-operating in transition but it's over, as reported, see! OBSTRUCTIVE
Not having won, is lamenting troubles AILS
Nothing phony — state dismissed repeated raving in scorn POOHPOOH
One on hand to vote late? POLLEX
Perhaps one adult is missing when boat enters the water LUNCHTIME
Put in for rerun, sore and inept INTERPOSE
Republican deserting miserable creature? MOOSE
Stoical about fate as others indicated? No way! RESIGNED
Stop migrants camping here — not one is left PORTOFCALL
Turned in, not feeling great after cake and pasta TORTELLINI
Violent crime spate initially ignored — detestable! ABHORRENT
Words about vote offensive TEXT