- Mar 31 2010

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Clues Answers
''Annabel Lee'' poet POE
''Cheers'' waitress'''' CARLA
''Fox in Socks'' author SEUSS
''Laughing'' creatures HYENAS
''That ain't __!'' HAY
''Yo!'' HEY
Accepts responsibility FACESIT
Astaire of films FRED
Attach a codicil to AMEND
Battlefield aide MEDIC
Battleship letters USS
Be a hostess GREET
Big party FETE
Big win ROMP
Bowling-alley mfr. AMF
Brahman, for one CASTE
California city FRESNO
Car buyer's concern: Abbr. MPG
Certain something AURA
City in northern France LILLE
Cold-weather jacket PARKA
Cone producer FIR
Costa __ Sol (Spanish resort area) DEL
Cropped up AROSE
Emulates Rip Van Winkle SLEEPS
Ending for lull ABY
Enjoys fine bourbon, say SIPS
Estimator's phrase ORSO
Ethnic cuisine THAI
Evil alter ego of fiction HYDE
Fable source AESOP
Fearful AFRAID
Feels terrible about RUES
Furniture chain IKEA
Gets away ESCAPES
Go at it, in the mall SHOPTILLYOUDROP
Leaves holding the bill, so to speak STIFFS
Less outlandish SANER
Clues Answers
Letter after zeta ETA
Like some pretzels SOFT
Mature AGE
Medical research org. NIH
Musician's asset EAR
Negative conjunction NOR
Not quite right OFF
Not suitable INAPT
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Plan to make a good impression DRESSFORSUCCESS
Pluperfect and future TENSES
Pond critter FROG
Potato features EYES
Prima-donna attributes EGOS
Prosecutors, for short DAS
Purdue Web-address ender EDU
Recipe amt. TSP
Retired planes: Abbr. SSTS
Reveal, poetically OPE
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Seat, slangily USH
Short snooze CATNAP
Sound of astonishment GASP
Stocking material LISLE
Suffix for novel IST
Theater admonition SHH
Three: Sp. TRES
Type of auto gear box THREEONTHETREE
Type of ski lift TBAR
Uncovers BARES
Unlikely to bite TAME
Up, on a map NORTH
Watchband STRAP
Where sailors sail SEA
Within reach DOABLE
Yankee star's nickname AROD
__ wrench (workshop tool) ALLEN
__-de-France ILE