Family Time - Dec 7 2020

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Clues Answers
"Beauty and the Beast" character BELLE
"Do ___ others" UNTO
"If ___ you need more ..." EVER
"Of course" YES
"___ a Wonderful Life" ITS
Author of rhymes POET
Bed-frame crosspiece SLAT
Big ol' hunk of marble SLAB
Bomb activator DETONATOR
CIA operative SPY
Completely absorbed RAPT
Confidential information for a waiter? TIP
Discharge a cannon FIRE
Dove cry COO
Earring's ear part LOBE
Even a score TIE
Every single bit ALL
Fail to be truthful LIE
False thing to worship IDOL
Frosted, as a cake ICED
Generate profits EARN
Give the green light to LET
Hatched BORN
Having lived 103 years, say OLD
Hollow-stemmed plant REED
Hot ___ balloon AIR
Howl at the moon BAY
Huge amounts LOTS
It goes with a nice hug KISS
Kind of rate or suspect PRIME
Like a burning lantern LIT
Like a good board STIFF
Clues Answers
Like an out-of-body experience SURREAL
Like mixed nuts ASSORTED
Like soft celery LIMP
Longer form of 8-Across ISLET
Massive amount of 56-Across LODE
Mine matter worth moolah ORE
Needing closing OPEN
One dice? DIE
One thing on a long list ITEM
Or ___ (ultimatum words) ELSE
Participate in a play ACT
Payment for a landlord RENT
Place to pick vegetables? (2 words) SALADBAR
Prefix with "freeze" ANTI
Push a pawn forward MOVE
Push into action IMPEL
Scream loudly YELL
Small Pacific landmass, for short ISLE
Some are martial ARTS
Some much-needed donations ALMS
Sometimes they require shoes FEET
Speedway competition RACE
Sticky bureaucratic stuff? (2 words) REDTAPE
Stinging insect BEE
Suffix with "invent" ION
Take your yacht out SAIL
Type of 24-Across instrument OBOE
Type of slope SKI
Very upset IRATE
What a bank shot hits, in billiards RAIL
What a lion sleeps in DEN
Wood stack PILE
Work very, very hard TOIL