- Dec 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''Better luck __ time'' NEXT
''For shame!'' sounds TSKS
''If all __ fails . . .'' ELSE
''Shoo!'' SCAT
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Affirmative answers YESES
Armored army vehicles TANKS
Avoid, as a crisis AVERT
Bags for potatoes SACKS
Barnyard egg layers HENS
Be at an incline SLANT
Be popular now on social media TREND
Bullets or cannonballs AMMO
Cars with meters TAXIS
Computer owner USER
Decline to take part in PASSUP
Dips a donut into milk DUNKS
Dollar bills ONES
Edgar __ Poe ALLAN
Eve and Adam's home EDEN
Explosive initials TNT
Fairy tale meanie OGRE
Fashionable CHIC
Female choir member ALTO
Flat-topped Western hill MESA
Frisbee shape DISC
Gave temporarily LENT
Green fruit with a martini OLIVE
Had a meal ATE
HD sets in dens TVS
Helpful clue HINT
Highest cards in poker ACES
Initial poker payment ANTE
Intelligence, informally SMARTS
Island near Maui OAHU
Jigsaw puzzle parts PIECES
Largest continent ASIA
Major happenings EVENTS
Make simpler EASE
Clues Answers
Makes a sketch DRAWS
No longer fresh, as bread STALE
Notion IDEA
Parakeet or poodle PET
Pepper-grinding dispenser MILL
Perform in a choir SING
Pile of pancakes STACK
Place for wedding vows ALTAR
Poems of praise ODES
Poisonous TOXIC
Remain STAY
Rooster or bull MALE
Septet in a week DAYS
Severe, as criticism HARSH
Short movie clip SCENE
Showing no emotion STOIC
Similar (to) AKIN
Small boat that's paddled CANOE
Small scissor cut SNIP
Spaghetti or tortellini PASTA
Strong longing URGE
Swarm (with) TEEM
Take a chance with RISK
Tarnish, as a reputation TAINT
Tiny pests at picnics ANTS
Took care of, as a task SAWTO
Took without permission STOLE
Toppled over FELL
Tree with cones PINE
Trousers' belt holder LOOP
Volcano outflow LAVA
Was untruthful LIED
Where a bell signals a crew to go fight flames FIREHOUSE
Where a bell signals students CLASSROOM
Where a bell starts a Wall St. trading day NYSTOCKEXCHANGE
Wipe from a chalkboard ERASE
Young boys LADS
__ and crafts ARTS
__ and kicking (robust) ALIVE