The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 7 2020

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Clues Answers
A friend with short dress in city ABUDHABI
Banknote in LA lord moved around DOLLAR
Bard with us might be ridiculous ABSURD
Captain in south smoked fish SKIPPER
Cathedral recess APSE
Chinese dynasty MING
Curious one in botched clear-up PECULIAR
Disney dwarf contented HAPPY
Doctor without employment in thought MUSED
Drunken lad with rope spotted cat LEOPARD
Excessive NEEDLESS
Flat highland PLATEAU
Folded headgear BANDANNA
Girl has cushion where frog sits LILYPAD
Great food, not English, in cloth FABRIC
Group breaking naan in kerchief BANDANNA
Intensely dislike DETEST
Joyous HAPPY
Large feline LEOPARD
Laughter heard in bell tower? PEAL
Lead a team SKIPPER
Level area to cover with metal: gold PLATEAU
Liberal Italian: he is agile LITHE
Loathe Ted holding group back DETEST
Ludicrous ABSURD
Clues Answers
Might it constitute mountain air? YODEL
Mission in Uppsala moved ALAMO
Move to music DANCE
Nicely simple opener from Halifax Town NEATH
Overused noun secure editor drops CLICHED
Peas mashed in church area APSE
Pirate shot through leg HOOK
Pond leaf LILYPAD
Pondered MUSED
Pottery from Birmingham MING
Prank against Conservative ANTIC
Precious stone DIAMOND
Pressure in stone that cracks TENSION
Ringing of bells PEAL
Scholarly LEARNED
Servant turned on duke, one in red suit DIAMOND
Sewers small and unnecessary NEEDLESS
Sing Alpine melody YODEL
Smart money as wage? LEARNED
South Wales location NEATH
Steps taken in Rwandan ceremony DANCE
Strained state TENSION
Supple LITHE
Texan battle site ALAMO
Textile FABRIC
US currency DOLLAR