L.A. Times Daily - Dec 6 2020

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" AMEN
"Ah, me!" ALAS
"And so on and so forth," for short ETCETC
"Bravo!" OLE
"Casablanca" actor Peter LORRE
"Comprende?" SEE
"Cooking From the Hip" chef Cat __ CORA
"Cool!" NEATO
"Et voilГ !" TADA
"Fear of Flying" author Jong ERICA
"If all __ fails ... " ELSE
"Night" author Wiesel ELIE
"Rolling in the Deep" singer ADELE
"This round's __" ONYOU
"Uh-oh!" OOPS
"Who am __ judge?" ITO
"__ Lisa" MONA
'60s civil rights activist __ Brown HRAP
1982 Disney sci-fi film TRON
3.0, e.g.: Abbr GPA
Ab neighbor PEC
About, on a memo INRE
Ali's 37 KOS
All-natural flytrap COBWEB
Arch type OGEE
Assumed the role of ACTEDAS
Audio giant BOSE
Authentic REAL
Backgammon piece STONE
Barrage from bleacher "birds" BOOS
Baseball card stat RBI
Battery part ANODE
Bed-and-breakfast, maybe INN
Big name in ice cream EDYS
Big name in pet food IAMS
Bit of a draft SIP
Blowup: Abbr ENL
Bombard PELT
Bridge ancestor WHIST
Brit's editorial LEADER
Bygone despot TSAR
Cantina cooker OLLA
Capacity count SEATS
Cézanne's "Boy in __ Vest" ARED
Channel showing many old MGM and RKO films TCM
Chic modifier TRES
Chilled ONICE
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Chowder order BOWL
Citrus drink suffix ADE
City near Provo OREM
Closet pests MOTHS
Clothing ATTIRE
Complicated situations MESSES
Dale's brother, away from their home turf? CHIPOFFTHEOLDBLOCK
David who played Rhoda's husband Joe GROH
DDE's WWII domain ETO
Developing INUTERO
Diez squared CIEN
Disney dog serving in Congress? LADYOFTHEHOUSE
Dorm, briefly RES
Dreamcast maker SEGA
Egyptian Christian COPT
Elaborate dos COIFS
Feral feline OCELOT
Fernando's fire FUEGO
Figured (out) SUSSED
Fireworks reactions OOHS
Five-year-old Ron Howard first played him in 1960 OPIE
Clues Answers
Formally disciplined WROTEUP
Franchises owned by Donald's girlfriend? DAISYCHAINS
Games category TABLETOP
Gets thinner BALDS
Heave-ho BOOT
Hoggett's pig strolling on a forest path? BABEINTHEWOODS
In need of deciphering CODED
Informal byes CIAOS
Its four-word name was reduced to four letters in 1973 IHOP
Kimono sash OBI
King's iconic vision DREAM
Kitchen cooker belonging to 22-Across' beau? TRAMPSTEAMER
Let up ABATE
Like some laws or lords FEUDAL
Line holder REEL
Located SITED
Lord's Prayer start OUR
Manitoba tribe CREE
Manual gesture of respect SALUTE
Marriott rival HYATT
Mil. decorations DSCS
Mine, in Metz AMOI
Minute Maid brand HIC
Moistens overnight, maybe BEDEWS
More, in Madrid MAS
Mountain ash trees ROWANS
Name near the top of a "Citizen Kane" movie poster ORSON
Nearly entirely ALLBUT
Nicaraguan president Daniel ORTEGA
Not kosher TREF
Nova __ SCOTIA
O, The __ Magazine OPRAH
Okays NODS
Old Metro maker GEO
One can help you get off ALIBI
One of Snow White's pals acting shellfish-ly? HAPPYASACLAM
Org. for the Williams sisters WTA
Part of FNMA? MAE
Perfect spot UTOPIA
Photo __ OPS
Plans made by Bambi's skunk buddy? FLOWERARRANGEMENTS
Plotting ring CABAL
Put up ERECT
Quarterback, at times PASSER
Red inside RARE
Sign of cooking ODOR
Silver salmon COHO
Singing Merman ETHEL
Sounds from a kennel ARFARF
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Subject of 2001's "Blow" COCAINE
Suddenly appear, with "up" POP
Suffice SERVE
Surveillance tactic STAKEOUT
Sweatshirt options HOODS
Sweep's target SOOT
Tide competitor ERA
Trendy berry ACAI
Trick taker, often ACE
UFO crew ETS
Unlike this ans ACR
Urbane SUAVE
URL intro HTTP
Well put APT
Xfinity and MSN ISPS
Yellow comics dog ODIE
__ culpa MEA