Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 5 2020

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Clues Answers
A fair amount of 5 down found on 3 down close to Wexford made moves in secret TIPTOED
A rise for Frenchman in fixing coup? COMEUP
Beastly type chews acorn that's firm in the middle RACCOON
Bends, in a roundabout way, to what's concealed by Thomas Crammer ARCS
Chalice held up by Capuchins CUP
Characters in Polaroid falling over, in a manner of speaking ORAL
Club issues such like, when the strikers are not doing their job? STAFFPROBLEMS
Content of caramel-free spirit ELF
Doesn't admit visitors, as that would be the approach the working men would take STAFFENTRANCE
Familiar with ousted boss USEDTO
Garda's baton - the first produced by those in barracks working for a general employer STAFFOFFICERS
Garner from Roof Garden produces all you need to sustain yourself FOOD
Head of cauliflower in potato soup - that should keep you warm in winter TOPCOAT
Head Office finds retweet, for example, in Clare produced by those going after leader CORTEGE
Holding the last bronze turkey ESTATE
In a bad way going into top court over one criminal ILLICIT
It's key to Yeti's movement that's easily excitable FEISTY
It's stuffed into grapes? Tomato sauce! PESTO
Local criticism of honey producer getting fine BEEF
Clues Answers
Mace workers from old French branch STAFFOFOFFICE
Nothing short of odd to the Spanish returning to school in large numbers OODLES
Nutcase begins post seminary year at church order PSYCHO
Opening 22 across in South Kerry? SKY
Part of the body producing some chemical formula CALF
Queen opens in American coliseum with Achy Breaky Heart? CARDIAC
Refuse first treatment for reaction to poison ivy TRASH
Religious group set-up in Montlu?on CULT
Retractable sides of folding door is on the house ROOF
Sample of House Music produced by fast-moving Australian bird EMU
Sea holly found around Eiffel Tower with unknown quantity of new heads? Get one! ERYNGO
Sinatra, Martin & Co's gang slightly mixed up by an American collector? PACKRAT
Slight argument over flower information that's preferential TIPOFF
Soft option to ignore points produced by one of those down at heel FOOT
Spy adaptation about leads from Ocean's Eleven written in an old-fashioned rhyming format POESY
State of teetotaller entertaining the foreign graduate at the end of term ALABAMA
The divisive doctrine of the French gangster is initially manageable DUALISM
The leads from She Knows Y'Know down in the dumps in heavenly colour SKYBLUE
Those employed by the manager on all sides today STAFF