Universal - Dec 3 2020

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Clues Answers
"A Beautiful Mind" director Howard RON
"Act your age!" BEHAVE
"Blech!" UGH
"La Vie Boheme" musical RENT
"Marriage Story" actor Alan ALDA
"On it!" WILLDO
"Snowy" bird EGRET
"The French Dispatch" director Anderson WES
"This is all my fault!" IBLEWIT
"___ Doubtfire" (Sally Field film) MRS
A member of, as a clique INWITH
Actress known for her double entendres MAEWEST
Annual publication of notable names WHOSWHO
Author whose son was named Christopher Robin AAMILNE
Battle reminder SCAR
Bed frame component, perhaps SLAT
Bits of smoke PUFFS
Certain radio component AMTUNER
Church seat PEW
Covers, as a road TARS
Do the Macarena, perhaps DANCE
Egyptian biter ASP
Fe, to a chemist IRON
Gardener's nuisances WEEDS
Get rough, like lips CHAP
Great rage IRE
Greek cheese FETA
Holier-than-___ THOU
Husband of Lakshmi VISHNU
Judy of "Claws" REYES
Less short TALLER
Lion constellation LEO
Look after TEND
Magazine founded in Paris ELLE
Make less difficult EASE
Mimicked APED
Move side to side WAGGLE
Obsession focus in "Moby-Dick" WHITEWHALE
Clues Answers
Once around a track LAP
One and two and three and four TEN
Online gamer's woe LAG
Order in the office? COLLATE
Palindromic Turkish title AGA
Part of a set at the gym REP
Patch up MEND
Person you may hate to be THATGUY
Poem with a hero EPIC
Polished, as a shoe SHINED
Practice boxing SPAR
Predatory worm LEECH
Puncturing tools AWLS
Quantity of paper REAM
Rating for HBO's "Westworld" TVMA
Really buff SWOLE
Red blood cell deficiency ANEMIA
Reverberant ECHOEY
Rice of politics SUSAN
Rose support STEM
Rural storage site SILO
Screwdriver ingredient VODKA
See 23-Across WHEREVER
Shape on a one-way sign ARROW
Singer Simpson ASHLEE
Ski resort building LODGE
Spotted breed of horse APPALOOSA
Stag's mate DOE
Suffix for a belief ISM
Swirl in a stream EDDY
Take place OCCUR
Toast option WHOLEWHEAT
Tuck of Sherwood Forest fame, for one FRIAR
Wallet filler CASH
What a baby grand's strings are made of PIANOWIRE
Wise figure in a village ELDER
With 49-Across, 2001 Shakira hit with the lyric, "I'll be there and you'll be near" WHENEVER
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE