The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8452

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Clues Answers
(Of sparkling wine) very dry BRUT
Chinese currency YUAN
Expectorating SPITTING
Expression of disgust GRIMACE
Facts presented in court EVIDENCE
Fastidious; finicky FUSSY
Front of the lower leg SHIN
Full length of a race DISTANCE
Go away! BEGONE
Green gemstone EMERALD
Inside the body INTERNAL
Italian baroque composer CORELLI
Large and clumsy ELEPHANTINE
Clues Answers
Long crusty loaf French bread
Loose skin below the throat DEWLAP
Next to BESIDE
Peaceful, undisturbed CALM
Polar area ice cap
Police search operation DRAGNET
Seize quickly SNATCH
Single room accommodation BEDSIT
Split fifty-fifty HALVE
Visual representation IMAGE
Waste channel DRAIN