Wall Street Journal - Dec 2 2020 - Beastly Belongings

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Clues Answers
“Isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey?” writer MILNE
“Not ___ bet!” ONA
“The First Lady of Song” ELLA
And the like, briefly ETC
Annoy persistently PESTER
Attacked with a sword LUNGEDAT
Bad dog BITER
Be partial to PREFER
Being in Burgundy ETRE
Bolos for boars? PIGSTIES
Bounders CADS
Bring on INCUR
Bro’s sib SIS
Cease to labor REST
Charge FEE
Col. neighbor ECUA
Confessor’s determination PENANCE
Confined PENT
De Armas of “No Time to Die” ANA
Destination after the ER and OR ICU
Dolt ASS
Doorman’s directive GOONIN
Drive forward IMPEL
Egg holders NESTS
Equine gardening equipment? HORSESHOE
Game with numbers LOTTO
Gas leak giveaway ODOR
Gen., Ex. and Lev., e.g BKS
Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang, in Quidditch SEEKERS
Haw lead-in HEE
Hidden, like a Klingon starship CLOAKED
Iberian cheer OLE
Imitated mindlessly APED
Implement for an amphibian? TOADSTOOL
In need of massaging, perhaps KNOTTED
Clues Answers
It may be troubling OMEN
It’s just what you think OPINION
King succeeded by Joffrey on “Game of Thrones” ROBERT
Like some den walls PANELED
Makeup of some keys CORAL
Marshmallow-chocolate-graham cracker confection MOONPIE
Meet at the shore? REGATTA
Mice, maybe? CATSKILLS
Mud bath purveyors SPAS
Novel features PLOTS
Out of the lockup SPRUNG
Pass, in a way ENACT
Qualified CAPABLE
Remain unused SIT
Ritalin’s target, briefly ADHD
Saucer occupant CUP
Startup valued at over a billion dollars UNICORN
Stock answer? MOO
Suffers a disadvantage LOSESOUT
Take in EAT
Takes umbrage at RESENTS
Tease out UNTWINE
The Chariot, the Tower or the Lovers, e.g TAROT
Tiffany creation LAMP
Unit of loudness SONE
Walruses? SEALSKIN
Weakens FADES
Western, informally OATER
Wine vessels FLAGONS
Wisconsin city with a rhyming name OSHKOSH
Without end ETERNAL
Wonder AWE
Works with numbers, perhaps OPUSES
Zap for a few minutes NUKE
Zero NIL