Universal - Dec 1 2020

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Clues Answers
007 BOND
A party to INON
An athlete may take one in protest KNEE
Auctioneer's cry SOLD
Bahama ___ (rum cocktail) MAMA
Beget SIRE
Bollywood wraps SARIS
Box on stage? AMP
Brief moment, briefly SEC
Butterfingers' utterance OOPS
Condition before staining, perhaps PRETREAT
Cornell University co-founder Cornell EZRA
Curiosity rover's org NASA
Dangerous game of chance RUSSIANROULETTE
Disparaging remarks PUTDOWNS
Does some sums ADDS
Early bird's target WORM
Fa-la link SOL
Features of "G'day" and "cap'n" ELISIONS
Footwear for a Senator SKATE
Funny Face flapjack chain IHOP
Get away from ELUDE
Gets into shape, with "up" TONES
Global power that broke up in '91 USSR
Intense longing THIRST
It's game TAG
Jazz singer Simone NINA
Kind of node or gland LYMPH
LAX guesstimates ETAS
Like a zebra, or two words that can precede the starts of 19-, 24-, 36- and 46-Across BLACKANDWHITE
Love, in Lima AMOR
Mars : Romans :: ___ : Greeks ARES
Mopey music genre EMO
Move like molasses OOZE
Movie critic's assignment? STAR
Clues Answers
Much of the time ALOT
Musician's gift EAR
Mutated gene ALLELE
Novelist who created Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Woodhouse JANEAUSTEN
Otherwise known as ALSOCALLED
Participates in a triathlon, say COMPETES
Persistently criticize NAG
Places to warm up after skiing LODGES
Put up, as Christmas lights HANG
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
Reggae relative SKA
Religious subgroups SECTS
Saltshaker's companion PEPPERGRINDER
Set straight ALIGN
Sharon of "Cagney & Lacey" GLESS
Slightly open AJAR
Slow, musically LARGO
Sought office RAN
Sources of valuable metal GOLDMINES
Sports team deals TRADES
St. ___ Girl beer PAULI
Stage in a lunar cycle PHASE
State whose name contains a greeting OHIO
Step after "lather" RINSE
Surrounded by AMIDST
Tenth first family TYLERS
The "D" in CD-ROM DISC
Usually endangered marine reptile SEATURTLE
Wall Street index, with "the" DOW
Was hurtful, like criticism STUNG
Wedding vow IDO
Welcome at the door SEEIN
Wolfs down EATS
Writer/director Ephron NORA
___ Dame NOTRE
___ one's own horn TOOT