L.A. Times Daily - Dec 1 2020

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Clues Answers
"Back to the Future" bully BIFF
"Don't wimp out, bro!" MANUP
"Gotcha" ISEE
"Sorry, no can do" FRAIDNOT
"We'll see" MAYBE
"You said it!" AMEN
"__ cost you!" ITLL
Author Silverstein SHEL
Back forty's forty ACRES
Bearskin floor covering, e.g RUG
Beauty at a ball BELLE
BMW rival AUDI
Brit's "Goodness!" ISAY
British noblemen EARLS
Chromosome carrier GENE
Dot follower, on campuses EDU
Drain a basketball three-pointer, say MAKETHESHOT
Driving around in circles, maybe LOST
Embarrass ABASH
Facebook response LIKE
Fixed appointment SETDATE
Flutter by like a butterfly FLIT
Fountain orders COLAS
Full of energy ALIVE
German gripe ACH
Harped (on) DWELT
HBO rival, briefly SHO
Hem partner HAW
How ark creatures boarded INPAIRS
Hunting outfit, for short CAMO
In opposition AVERSELY
Iron __ ORE
Isaac's eldest son ESAU
James of blues ETTA
Juliet's love ROMEO
Clues Answers
Lemon-lime drink since 1961 SPRITE
Like a medium steak that was ordered rare OVERDONE
Loyal political group BASE
Making more alluring GLAMMINGUP
Mess up a football hike FUMBLETHESNAP
Museum collection ART
Norse king OLAV
One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" IRINA
Partner of holler HOOT
PayPal payment, e.g ECASH
Peter of Neverland PAN
Place to tie up PIER
Prefix with center or dermal EPI
Rage IRE
Really would rather not HATETO
Richard's running mate SPIRO
Road furrow RUT
Rodeo ride STEER
Sibs, uncs, etc FAM
Silent performer MIME
Spirited horse ARAB
Spoil RUIN
Start of a partial concession ILLADMIT
Super Bowl party bowlful DIP
Superhero with a hammer THOR
They might capture embarrassing comments HOTMICS
Treasure holder CHEST
Turned (on) remotely, as the lights CLAPPED
TV horse who "will never speak unless he has something to say" MRED
Ultra-masculine MACHO
Utility bill meas BTU
Very close race, and what 17-, 26- and 41-Across have in common PHOTOFINISH
Way up or down STAIR
Zig counterpart ZAG
__ Paulo SAO
__-esteem SELF
__-Turkish War, 1911-12 ITALO