Universal - Oct 4 2001

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Clues Answers
Adolescent affliction ACNE
Arch used in croquet WICKET
Bandleader Kyser KAY
Bar-the-door gal KATIE
Biblical patriarch ENOS
Bit of evidence CLUE
British blue blood EARL
Casino game KENO
Church robes ALBS
Circus Maximus, e.g. ARENA
Cob or pen SWAN
Completely engrossed RAPT
Composer George M. COHAN
Coop biddy HEN
Covenant holder ARK
Den din ROAR
Didn't take any cards STOOD
Disembarrass RID
Double standard? TWO
Drought-scourged ARID
Dry Mongolian expanse GOBI
Esurient AVID
Existed BEEN
Extract by force WREST
Fescue, for one GRASS
Fictional plantation TARA
First name in witty writings ERMA
Give it a second shot RETRY
Gunsmoke star ARNESS
Harbors HAS
Have status RANK
Having to do with bees APIAN
Hog enclosure STY
Indigo dye ANIL
Inscribe on a trophy ETCH
It's got ewe covered? WOOL
Kiltie's pattern TARTAN
Clues Answers
Lead-in to ''boy'' or ''girl'' ATTA
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Mine find ORE
Neither's partner NOR
Novelist's thread PLOT
Plant louse APHID
Prepare to orate MOUNTTHESOAPBOX
Push to the limit TAX
Quavers, e.g. NOTES
Regions AREAS
Rough finish? SHOD
Schusser's wear SNOWSUIT
Security clearance ACCESS
Shady spot ARBOR
Shower powder TALC
Skirmish FRAY
Snowmobile part SKI
Spanish jar OLLA
Star's vehicle ROLE
Stepped TROD
Stepping on TREADING
Sticky GOOEY
The peak of a hill BROW
They may get plastered LATHS
Troy story ILIAD
Trussed TIED
Type of gold FOOLS
Unexpected pleasure TREAT
Varieties ILKS
View from the Baltic Sea LATVIA
What a rookie has to learn? ROPES
Wise guys SAGES
Without warranty ASIS
Word in a Maugham title ALE
Wrench or shovel TOOL
You may get these in the long run? ACHES