Wall Street Journal - Dec 1 2020 - Keeping Busy

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Clues Answers
“Could you repeat that?” WHAT
“Hey! Over here!” PSST
“Honolulu Baby” instrument, for short UKE
“Idylls of the King” lady ENID
“Impression, Sunrise” painter MONET
“Meet the Press” host Chuck TODD
“My man!” BRO
“Star Wars” superpower JEDIMINDTRICK
A bunch LOTS
Abrasive powder EMERY
Accelerated segments on quiz shows LIGHTNINGROUNDS
Antarctic vehicle SNOCAT
Assist in illegality ABET
Available FREE
Back on boats AFT
Big Apple opera house, familiarly MET
Blemish with a back story SCAR
Blues or Jazz, e.g TEAM
Clever humor WIT
Computer peripheral need DRIVER
Dating site abbr SWF
Diamond score RUN
Different ELSE
Embroidery on towels HERS
Fire proof? ASH
First-rate AONE
Former agcy. that regulated railroads ICC
Gave walking papers to AXED
Genesis garden EDEN
Gold, in Mexico ORO
Highest accolades TOPHONORS
Hockey venue ARENA
In fine fettle HALE
In the red OWING
Instrument with three valves CORNET
Inverness native SCOT
Kicked off BEGAN
Clues Answers
Larger-than-life EPIC
Lennon’s love ONO
Made like a pirate LOOTED
Manhattan street map, e.g GRID
Minuscule amounts IOTAS
Mojito ingredient MINT
Morose GLUM
Nickname for music’s “Material Girl” MADGE
Not for ANTI
Number before dos UNO
Old salt SEADOG
Org. that launched the Perseverance rover in July 2020 NASA
Phishing offers and the like SCAMS
Poisonous TOXIC
Pound part OUNCE
Praiseful poem ODE
Property owner’s document TITLEDEED
Proposed costs: Abbr ESTS
Recurrent themes TROPES
Respectably serious STAID
Rink surface ICE
Sci-fi spacecraft UFO
Seat at the bar STOOL
Self-referential, in modern lingo META
Shady tree ELM
Stay-at-home order LOCKDOWN
Still having a chance to win INIT
Stimpy’s cartoon pal REN
Stopgap employee TEMP
Stranded motorist’s need GASCAN
Take in SEE
Tax return inspections AUDITS
Texting “if you ask me...” IMO
Time-filling activity, and what the ends of 20-, 30-, 38- and 47-Across are SOMETHINGTODO
Unhappy employee’s quest NEWJOB
Use the door LEAVE
USPS delivery PKG
Witch trials town SALEM