USA Today - Jan 17 2021

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Clues Answers
'Black Beauty' author Sewell ANNA
'Exactly!' YES
'Gosh!' GEE
'I'm Ready' singer Smith SAM
'no way, rly?' OMG
'Present!' IMHERE
'Spare me the ___ details' GORY
Added value to ENHANCED
Athlete such as Mariel Zagunis FENCER
Big Easy sandwiches POBOYS
Blood drive unit PINT
Burnt ___ (color) SIENNA
Complete and utter TOTAL
Cookie with a Golden variety OREO
Croat or Czech SLAV
Cross to bear ONUS
Draw with acid ETCH
Droopy-eared hounds BASSETS
Earsplitting noise DIN
Elitist SNOB
Explode like a volcano ERUPT
Exterior wall plaster STUCCO
Fed a neighbor's kitty, say CATSAT
Financial performance report INCOMESTATEMENT
Futbol fan's cheer OLE
Genre related to rocksteady SKA
Get the feeling SENSE
Greetings to first-timers WELCOMEMESSAGES
Home Depot competitor LOWES
Horse feet HOOVES
Instrument similar to the oud LUTE
Lacking consistency UNEVEN
Like Tet get-togethers FESTIVE
Major mistake SNAFU
Make watertight, say SEAL
Many ice rinks, shapewise OVALS
Clues Answers
Many sci-fi characters (Abbr.) ETS
Meaning of '-' on a battery terminal NEGATIVE
Monarchy southeast of Fiji TONGA
Muay thai class need MAT
North Dakota's largest city FARGO
Not long-winded TERSE
NWHL All-Star Rebecca MORSE
Oregon's third-largest city EUGENE
Pay figure RATE
Place for a sugar scrub SPA
Prefix meaning 'Earth' GEO
Running free LOOSE
School home to the Amistad Research Center TULANE
Score that leads to overtime TIE
Sharp in perception ACUTE
Short stand-up delivery ONELINER
Signaled with a gesture BECKONED
Significant ___ OTHER
Small whirlpool EDDY
Sound softened by carpets ECHO
Spanish for 'more' MAS
Spingarn Medal winner Horne LENA
Spiny plants CACTI
Swerve off course VEER
Swimwear brand with a boomerang logo SPEEDO
Tend to bubble tea STIR
Test pilot's wear GSUIT
Top-left PC key ESC
Trapeze class safety measure NET
Unjust accusation BUMRAP
Valuable underground find ORE
Work inbox item MEMO
Zombie liquors RUMS
___ Air (Taiwanese airline) EVA
___ buddy (close friend) BOSOM
___ Mode (fuel efficiency button) ECO
___ rings (foot jewelry) TOE
___-in-law SON