Wall Street Journal - Nov 30 2020 - Resounding Effect

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Clues Answers
“Brideshead Revisited” author Evelyn WAUGH
“Frida” star Hayek SALMA
“Honest” president ABE
“I’ll accept that challenge!” YOUREON
“The Divine Comedy” poet DANTE
“Wham!” POW
“Wild Thing” rapper Tone ___ LOC
Actors Harris and Helms EDS
Afflict AIL
Bashful SHY
Beach biter SANDFLEA
Big bother ADO
Brother, in Baja HERMANO
Buggy drivers of Lancaster County AMISH
Business concern CASHFLOW
Carry-___ (some suitcases) ONS
Celebrity chef seen on several Food Network shows BOBBYFLAY
Check the fit of TRYON
Chronic fatigue syndrome, dismissively YUPPIEFLU
Coleslaw basis CABBAGE
Comb components TEETH
Comforter’s kin BLANKET
Confronts rudely ACCOSTS
Danny of old Hollywood KAYE
Different OTHER
Feathery wrap BOA
Finishes ENDS
Fixes a frozen computer, perhaps REBOOTS
Frustrate STYMIE
Greek vowel ETA
Hacienda house CASA
Harbor boat TUG
Hoffman of the Chicago Seven ABBIE
Library fine LATEFEE
Like energy from reactors ATOMIC
Little bite NIP
Long pass BOMB
Long sandwich SUB
Clues Answers
Make tidier NEATEN
Mike of “Shrek” MYERS
More overbearing BOSSIER
Mosquito eater DRAGONFLY
Musicians need a good one EAR
Negligent REMISS
Official reprimand CENSURE
Org. for women with clubs LPGA
Pained sounds MOANS
Potluck contribution DISH
Prepare to capture, maybe CLOSEIN
Puppy bark ARF
Quidditch player’s need BROOM
Rodeo rope LASSO
Saturn or Mercury CAR
Scratched, as a launch ABORTED
Series finale, in a bibliography ETAL
Singer Lovett LYLE
Skirmish FRAY
Sound systems STEREOS
Suffix with project or percent ILE
Superimpose OVERLAY
Sweet Spanish dessert FLAN
Takes a breath INHALES
They may be blue or cloudy SKIES
Toaster waffles EGGOS
Triceps setting ARM
Unexciting DULL
Upscale NYC address PARKAVE
Very soon ANYDAY
Wander off STRAY
Warming periods THAWS
Watch carefully EYE
Wreck site, at times REEF
Yoga need MAT
___-Caps (chocolate candy) SNO