The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,527 - Nov 21 2020

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Clues Answers
A bird in China coming from father's side PATERNAL
Act with old student in show again ROLEPLAY
After vegetables, start to eat sweet porridge? PEASEPUDDING
Appeal to Kevin scrambling egg inside INVOKE
Athlete up at university? No, down! BLUE
Bed-wetter? HOSEPIPE
Booming factory hides dope PLANGENT
Boring routine hard for lady RUTH
Brawny but not-so-clever group THICKSET
Bring up one under care located astern REARWARD
Charging exorbitantly for doing some work on the farm FLEECING
Early summer, one could count on it ABACUS
Game explorer POLO
Head over valley to find animal NUTRIA
Hothouse's coloured lines ORANGERY
Clues Answers
It's as broad as its long SQUARE
Lawbreaker facing prison? A liberal one might allow such visits CONJUGAL
Not likely to evaporate fast FIXED
Not working whilst having some paid leave IDLE
Odds on famous racehorse first to run? It might be seen in November SPARKLER
Poisonous beef consumed in short moment TOXIC
Remarkably adept Patricia stopping short became involved PARTICIPATED
Right direction? EAST
Series of balls with chum dancing an excessive amount OVERMUCH
Soaked in fat DRIPPING
Sprint from press, about to leave RUSH
Think about supporting new rep, worker being dominant PREPONDERANT
Timothy denied concealing evil alter ego HYDE
Travel round wizard place, an island GOZO
Type of finish in race that's vivid? It's to do with images PHOTOGRAPHIC