- Nov 29 2020

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Clues Answers
''Battle Hymn'' repeated word GLORY
''Can it!'' SHUSH
''Casablanca'' woman ILSA
''Doppler'' device RADAR
''Everything is walking distance if you've __'': Steven WRIGHT GOTTHETIME
''Honor Thy Father'' author TALESE
''How silly of me!'' gesture HEADSLAP
''Today'' forecaster ROKER
''Vaya con __'' (Fernando's ''Farewell'') DIOS
23rd state MAINE
49 Down supply COMBS
Abided by HELDTO
Account execs REPS
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Advantage, so to speak LEGUP
Alaskan mail carrier SEAPLANE
All in agreement UNITED
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Baby beech SAPLING
Banking business LOANS
Banks of fashion TYRA
Bar supply SODAS
Bar supply ICE
Bay Area county MARIN
Be disputatious ARGUE
Blender setting PUREE
BP brand AMOCO
Breaks of day? NAPS
Buggy-riding people AMISH
Building materials favored by Frank Lloyd WRIGHT GLASSBRICKS
Burn soother ALOE
Canal-digging machine DREDGER
Cartoonist's 80 Down INKER
Casino shoes, essentially RACKS
Casino supply DECKS
Caused to gape WOWED
Certain acquired kin SONINLAW
Chinese zodiac beast HORSE
Chips, cheeses, etc NOSHES
Circle of water MOAT
Coming down solidly HAILING
Common Scandinavian guy's name SVEN
Construction toy invented by John Lloyd WRIGHT LINCOLNLOGS
Corporeal focal point RETINA
Cozy and comfy HOMEY
Crisp cookie WAFER
Cuban sandwich meat PORK
Dagwood's ''Yikes!'' OMIGOSH
Dentist's instruction RINSE
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Doles (out) METES
Dump truck fillers LOADERS
Falcon's toenails TALONS
Farm female EWE
Female zebra MARE
For one EACH
Forked over SPENT
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Gas holders TANKS
Had no more ideas RANDRY
Helper AIDE
High water mark ACME
How parakeets are kept CAGED
Identical SAME
Impudent PERT
Kit contents TOOLS
Lake near Detroit HURON
Lake near Detroit ERIE
LG product HDTV
Clues Answers
Long-legged wader HERON
Lowers one's lawn MOWS
Makes a comeback RESURGES
Makes uniform EVENS
Maleficent in two films JOLIE
Management group BOARD
Mao subordinate CHOU
Metrical works ODES
Metrical works POEMS
Mine extraction ORE
Monte Carlo roulette bet NOIR
Moves slightly BUDGES
No fun at all DRAG
Notable time ERA
Novel part PLOTLINE
Nutritional amts RDAS
Oil-drilling equipment RIGS
Olivier's wife before Joan PloWRIGHT VIVIENLEIGH
Oscar film (1942) for Teresa WRIGHT MRSMINIVER
Pa CartWRIGHT on ''Bonanza'' LORNEGREENE
Pipsqueak TWERP
Pitchfork prong TINE
Place to get a perm SALON
Place to strike ALLEY
Potatoey appetizers SKINS
Queen's residence HIVE
Radio knob TUNER
Remark after being 71 Down OOH
Remote button REC
Renovated DONEOVER
Reviews for accuracy VETS
Robin WRIGHT was her aunt in a 2017 superhero film WONDERWOMAN
Roe source SHAD
Roman historian PLINY
Rotarians' colleagues LIONS
S&L conveniences ATMS
Scrams BAILS
Ship's loud signal AIRHORN
Shire of the Rocky films TALIA
Show one's feelings EMOTE
Sitcom family for 30+ years SIMPSONS
Skipper's concern TIDES
Slender stingers WASPS
Solemn assent AMEN
Sport fish TUNAS
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Squeeze to dry WRING
Stops marching HALTS
Sty cries OINKS
Sudden moves JERKS
Suffix for secret IVE
Swamplands MIRES
Teen's conversation filler LIKE
The WRIGHT brothers' hometown DAYTONOHIO
Thomas Edison, on the New Jersey Turnpike RESTSTOP
Tourney stage SEMIS
University of Maine locale ORONO
URL opener HTTP
Vibrant ALIVE
Webster of dictionaries NOAH
Where a playWRIGHT might get her start OFFBROADWAY
Where Madame Curie went to school SORBONNE
Wine samples SIPS
Wine variety PORT
Witch's pronouncement CURSE
Wolfgang's one EINS
Workplace for a millWRIGHT POWERPLANT
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA
__ one's time (was patient) BIDED