- Nov 28 2020

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Clues Answers
''Quit the snark!'' DONTSASSME
''Skandinavisk'' hub OSLO
''The Little Mermaid'' hero ERIC
1099-__ (S&L issuance) INT
Aegean peninsula ATTICA
Allies of the Cheyenne ARAPAHO
Augustus collected them ESTATETAXES
Author of the ''GWTW'' sequel RIPLEY
Bird that eats oranges (!) ORIOLE
Blowouts, for instance DOS
Brief romances, e.g NOVELETTES
Brittle ingredient OATS
Burly breed AKITA
Candlelit performance CAROL
Casual canvas shoe ESPADRILLE
Choosing game THISORTHAT
City near Cooperstown UTICA
Confront TACKLE
Curated cuts BESTOF
Did some food processor chopping PULSED
Direction taken by craftspeople AFT
Dollar stores NESTEGGS
Earth, in much sci-fi TERRA
Ending like -ian ENE
Engineer who got a lifetime achievement Grammy MOOG
Field with climbing AVIATION
First or second GEAR
Flix sister network TMC
Frisbee golf equipment TEEPAD
Go along with, in a way TAIL
Greatest NTH
Growth profession ICANCHANGE
Heading ATOP
Lead __ ORE
Many '40s premieres WARFILMS
Clues Answers
Many a stop among Gulliver's travels ISLE
Nickname for Eleanor NELL
Nickname of Spotify's most-streamed female artist of the 2010s ARI
No longer written on ERASED
Noble Shakespearean patron EARL
Not a blowout CLOSE
Option for a caddy TEABOX
Option taken by craftspeople ETSY
Pacific Northwest sport fish COHO
Places for purses and pots RACINOS
Put it to CONSULT
Rumble in the Jungle pairing ALIFOREMAN
Salutes, say THANKS
Second-largest EU city MADRID
Seek to win WOO
Serves some fudge for LIESTO
Shoe polish ingredient PALMWAX
Slow down ARREST
Some Ts XLS
Stevenson's ''gift which cannot be worn out in using'' MEMORIES
Stinker MEANIE
Substitute for daylight DEE
Surged successfully PULLEDAHEAD
Symphony with its own ''Cambridge Companion'' EROICA
Tests with waves MRIS
They've got a lot on their plate DOALLS
Tiki bar sound UKE
Tinder pickup TWIG
Transfix PIN
What Rihanna has worn in videos BOB
What to call your monitor HER
Word from the Greek for ''sowing'' SPORE
Word often seen with an arrow THRU
Zip it (up) CLAM (website plugging lines) ATT