New York Times - Nov 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'80s work wear with shoulder pads POWERSUITS
'90s exercise fad TAEBO
'Any interest in doing this?' AREYOUGAME
'Middlemarch' novelist, 1871 ELIOT
'Not gonna ___' LIE
'Them's the rules' FAIRSFAIR
'___ Enfants du Paradis' (classic W.W. II-era film) LES
4-Down, for CBS LOGO
Afflict AIL
Air traveler in early winter SANTA
Alters, as a pop singer's voice AUTOTUNES
An American in Paris, say EXPAT
Arthur with two Emmys and a Tony BEA
Author Donna who wrote 'The Secret History' TARTT
Beer purchase in a large bottle, informally FORTY
Better ___ THAN
Blue Jays or Raptors, for short TOR
Boob, on the Tube PRAT
Capital invested by experts SMARTMONEY
Designates TAPS
Extra in 'The Lord of the Rings' ORC
Fabled beneficiary of a kiss FROGPRINCE
Fabled beneficiary of a nap TORTOISE
Firm requirement, for short? MBA
Given to self-reflection? VAIN
Go (for) VIE
Go (for) OPT
Good name for a biology teacher? GENE
Household organizers BINS
Ingredient added to a Bloody Mary TABASCO
Ink absorber BLOTTER
It can't miss SURESHOT
Juice (up) SOUP
Kind of tense PAST
Library workspaces CARRELS
Clues Answers
Like ALA
Like some contracts and contraceptives ORAL
Líquido vital AGUA
Little cry MEWL
Mo. that the Anglo-Saxons called Winterfylleth OCT
Move to a later date, say TIMETRAVEL
Nevada senator Jacky ROSEN
Nos. representing years' worth of letters GPAS
Official drink of Puerto Rico PINACOLADA
One of a pair of interrogators BADCOP
One who passes the bar? TEETOTALER
Ones who watch sports for a living? SCOUTS
Onetime title for Bulgaria's Simeon II, the last person to use it TSAR
Opposite of annex CEDE
Originator of parody ads for 5-hour Empathy and Tylenol BM, in brief SNL
Previously ONCE
Really dig PROBE
Recognized SEEN
Running backs and defensive ends RUSHERS
Says too much OVERSHARES
See 34-Across EYE
Shellfish have lots of this IRON
Show of self-sorrow PITYPARTY
Some pest control products ANTTRAPS
Something you might describe as touch-and-go? APP
Study pills PLACEBOS
Style guide? DRESSCODE
Takes care of the rough spots, in a way SANDS
They're on the tip of your tongue TASTEBUDS
Triage pro EMT
What you might test the waters with TOE
Wolverine, for example XMAN
___ name PET
___ noche (tonight: Sp.) ESTA