Wall Street Journal - Nov 28 2020 - Sir, Yes Sir!

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Clues Answers
“Am I the only one...?” ISITME
“Flaubert’s Parrot” author Julian BARNES
“Gimme a break!” CMON
“Treasure Island” author’s monogram RLS
Abercrombie & Fitch logo MOOSE
Acapulco aunts TIAS
Africa’s largest landlocked country CHAD
Agreeable NICE
Ambient music pioneer Brian ENO
Anchor’s finish NEWSRECAP
Andrea Bocelli, e.g TENOR
Anthem rival HUMANA
Becomes inedible ROTS
Blackout, e.g SKIT
California wine valley SONOMA
Carefully planned SCRIPTED
Casey of “American Top 40” KASEM
Centre Pompidou setting PARIS
Cheer, say MAKENOISE
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
City division WARD
City of Tuscany famed for its marble CARRARA
Cloverleaf parts ONRAMPS
Common sports injury spot, for short ACL
Coolly distant ALOOF
Cow in commercials ELSIE
Crop decimators LOCUSTS
Don in the Television Hall of Fame PARDO
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Eats after dark SUPS
Entices LURES
Expressionist Nolde EMIL
Faithful TRUE
Fed. property overseer GSA
Fuming IRATE
Gap stack TEES
Garbage target, in some buildings CHUTE
Gave it one’s all STRIVED
Given to musing PENSIVE
Go for COST
Gregarious SOCIAL
Half of doce SEIS
Have ___ up one’s sleeve ANACE
He debated Bush and Clinton in 1992 PEROT
His jailing was the subject of Zola’s “J’Accuse…!” DREYFUS
Home of Rousseau’s “The Dream,” for short MOMA
Immobilized states PARALYSES
Inflame with love ENAMOR
Investigator of a theft at the feta factory? CHEESETRACER
Its national anthem is “Mawtini” IRAQ
Junior high student, informally TEENER
Kaley of “The Big Bang Theory” CUOCO
King decreeing everyone must waltz? BALLFORCER
La troisième planète TERRE
Lab coat problems FLEAS
Latin music legend Puente TITO
Launchpad events LIFTOFFS
Legally preclude ESTOP
Like some rocket-propelled grenades ANTITANK
Like some traffic and some diets LIGHT
Linda of Broadway’s “Jekyll & Hyde” EDER
Magazine with a “Live Bravely” motto OUTSIDE
Milky Way component STAR
Moo ___ pork SHU
Murders DOESIN
Musicologist Alan who discovered Lead Belly LOMAX
Not dark LIT
Opening antecedent REHEARSAL
Clues Answers
Ornamental flourish on a printed character SWASH
Paragon of machismo REALMAN
Patiently endured WAITEDOUT
Pie crust ingredient LARD
Pilot of a fast spaceship? COSMICRACER
Pitcher’s lid? CAP
Place for knickknacks ETAGERE
Place for playing ARENA
Plain of Jars setting LAOS
Poked holes in, say AERATED
Popular self-help site EHOW
Post-sledding warmer COCOA
Power-saving mode SLEEP
Prized coffee variety KONA
Pro ___ TEM
Protects by lying COVERSFOR
Queequeg wielded one HARPOON
Quipu feature KNOT
Refreshing break NAP
Rocks, so to speak ICE
Rootless sort NOMAD
Salon offerings PERMS
Scheming cliques CABALS
Seller of Glimmersticks eyeliner AVON
Seller of Longlast filters BRITA
Seller of Novablast running shoes ASICS
Sells with clicks ETAILS
Sensational headline SCREAMER
Service member TEAPOT
Shipping department need TAPE
Sister of Meg, Beth and Jo AMY
Site of the governor’s residence known as Cedar Crest TOPEKA
Snaky shape ESS
Some winter wear PARKAS
Source of a butter used in moisturizers SHEANUT
Sovereign ROYAL
Spanker, e.g SAIL
Spirit PEP
Squash, perhaps STEPON
Staggering AREEL
Standardised unit METRE
State bordering on Bhutan ASSAM
State that demands money from hitchhikers? THUMBTAXER
Super keen NEATO
Support group formed in 1951 ALANON
Swell TOFF
Swift seahorse? MARINECOURSER
The “Banquet Beer” COORS
The always stylish Fred Astaire, for one? DAPPERDANCER
Train pullers, for short LOCOS
Travel guesses, for short ETAS
Triumphant shout YES
Uncooperative BALKY
Univ. or acad SCH
Vendor of preternatural produce? MIRACLEGROCER
Volcanic mount of northern California SHASTA
Warning of reckless driving? FORE
Watch part FACE
What might follow “Is this just fantasy?” in “Bohemian Rhapsody”? QUEENANSWER
Wing ELL
Without help ALONE
Words with roll or budget ONA
Writes music NOTATES
Yard tool EDGER
Yard tool RAKE
___ Triomphe ARCDE