Universal - Nov 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"2001: A Space Odyssey" computer HAL
"Er ..." IMEAN
"Gemini Man" director Ang LEE
"Madam, I'm ___" (classic palindrome) ADAM
"___ be a cold day ..." ITLL
"___ Wong: Hard Knock Wife" ALI
*City between Dallas and Little Rock TEXARKANATEXAS
*City known for its bamboo-shaped skyscraper TAIPEITAIWAN
*North African city near a Mediterranean gulf TUNISTUNISIA
A chef may oil one PAN
Actually INFACT
Afflicts AILS
Animal with a mane LION
Arm or leg LIMB
Astound AMAZE
Be dishonest with LIETO
Bound along LOPE
Brief arguments SPATS
British "Bye!" TATA
Cellular data transmitter? RNA
Chesterfield or settee SOFA
Chicago winter hrs CST
Chicken ___ (Japanese dish with panko crumbs) KATSU
Communication syst. for the deaf ASL
Conceal HIDE
Cornered ATBAY
Deal a crushing blow to? SWAT
Delivery from Santa TOY
Design problem FLAW
Enjoy a warm drink in England, and a phonetic hint to the starred answers' initials HAVEASPOTOFTEA
Exam for a H.S. junior, perhaps PSAT
Excited, with "up" KEYED
Fanatical RABID
Friendly relations AMITY
Gauging the purity of ASSAYING
Go down like a stone SINK
Hardly at all ATAD
Clues Answers
Hawaiian coffee district KONA
Honey Graham ___ OHS
Hop, skip or jump, perhaps? VERB
Imam's god ALLAH
In ___ land LALA
Insignificant MERE
Jacket similar to a parka ANORAK
Kind of talk that's videoed TED
Lacking color PALE
Linen source FLAX
LP player HIFI
Mortarboard attachment TASSEL
Neither sharp nor on key FLAT
Nine-digit ID source SSA
Noisy accessory for a car ALARM
Not suitable INAPT
Notability FAME
Pago Pago's place SAMOA
Places to wear avocado face masks SPAS
Preserves, as pork SALTS
Puzzling sound? SHORTU
Roll call affirmatives AYES
Santa ___, California ANA
Shoestring LACE
Sicily's highest volcano ETNA
Sierra pickup truck maker GMC
Smoked pepper in Mexican cuisine CHIPOTLE
Stored on board LADED
Take forcibly SEIZE
Tattle TELL
Tiniest bit IOTA
Tissue layers PLIES
Trendy berry ACAI
Voice-activated assistant ALEXA
Voice-activated assistant SIRI
Way, way off AFAR
What's always handmade? FIST
___ Stanley Gardner ERLE