The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,302 - Nov 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Car being introduced earlier, not very unsafe? PRECARIOUS
Copper finally enters to pick up ruffian, one put down in a hot spot? HEARTHRUG
European run with Coe on the outside SERB
Fan wants victory immediately WINNOW
Feature of vessel on lake is excellent, excellent! TOPSAIL
Fellow erred — wrong ingredient for home-made wine ELDERFLOWER
Guy may be so enthusiastic ONFIRE
Huge virile-sounding Turk OSMANLI
Journey's end sealed by sound of horn on a car TOYOTA
Mass of fish traversing lake CLOD
Molecular scientist may use this — only he cannot go wrong NANOTECHNOLOGY
Monster making one cautious — b*** hell! CHARYBDIS
Nice dean working for decades DECENNIA
Old group allowing in church cat OCELOT
Clues Answers
Part supporting heartless undertaking FRACTION
Puzzle given a couple of marks for wrong and right answers, we hear ACROSTIC
Routine for Jewish comedian, dull person sounding drunk? SHTICK
Sinner finally welcomed to hot fires? Maybe Paradise! THEWORLDTOCOME
Soldier in company wanting 'proper speech' spoken CORPORAL
Sounding like a bird, not half quaint TWEE
Study English penned by theologian — it's awful DREADED
Teacher is funny, little child being first one to grin CHESHIRECAT
Terrible row about a fool losing head in station RADIOTWO
They live in Europe and will be entertained by shouts HOLLANDERS
Trapped in ditch there's a bear RUPERT
Travel to sacred ground that is located by church GODSACRE
Useful cockney chap ANDY
Work outside home with fine alloy sheet TINFOIL