Universal - Nov 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Guilty" and "not guilty" PLEAS
"Oye Como Va" songwriter Puente TITO
Actress Cuthbert ELISHA
Ahead of schedule EARLY
All's counterpart NONE
Allot, with "out" METE
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Aphrodite's lover ARES
Appointed NAMED
Award such as Best NFL Player ESPY
Balm ingredient ALOE
Beer goggles' more sophisticated counterparts? WINEEYEGLASSES
Bendable leg part KNEE
Besides that ELSE
Bizarre WACKO
Book after II Chronicles EZRA
Bound bundle BALE
Chorister's garment ROBE
Church parts that may have belfries STEEPLES
Circular control DIAL
Continental currency EUROS
Deities GODS
Dentist's request OPEN
Digestive aid ENZYME
Divider in a biology textbook? CELL
DNA sequence GENE
Doesn't do anything IDLES
Drug agent NARC
Dull pain ACHE
Ear part LOBE
Eve's second son ABEL
Experience embarrassment CRINGE
Fairy tale antagonist OGRE
False rumors CANARDS
Fanatic NUT
Florist's discard STEM
Gibbon or gorilla APE
Clues Answers
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Guys and dolls? KENS
Hang down DROOP
Hard things to throw away? PITS
Home improvement letters DIY
Laundry woes STAINS
Lead-in to "margarine" OLEO
Leave out OMIT
Lentil dish often served with naan DAL
Like a disreputable bar SEEDY
Make a deep mark ETCH
Mine product ORE
Ocean growth SEAWEED
Old movie studio RKO
Part of an improvised pirate costume? CABBAGEEYEPATCH
Portent OMEN
Qatar's capital DOHA
Rag doll features? COTTONEYEBALLS
Rapper/actor who stars in "Law & Order: SVU" ICET
Rebound on a pool table CAROM
Red ___ (Irish brew) ALE
Stuff (in) CRAM
Summertime complaint IMHOT
Tender spots SORES
This clue is one SENTENCE
Trudge PLOD
Two elements of a hipster social gathering? ROCKANDEYEROLLS
Untroubled CALM
Vanish ___ thin air INTO
Weeping mother of myth NIOBE
Went too fast SPED
What people line up for at a party CONGA
Wind chimes sound TINKLE
Windbag, say BORE
Word before "bones" or "knuckle" BARE
Wriggly sea creatures EELS
___ and flow EBB