The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,547 - Nov 25 2020

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Clues Answers
21, born before Henry's overthrown BLAH
A game chap lacks heart for defence APOLOGY
Aristotle's ninth letter comes from returning nine of ours? IOTA
Baldrick perhaps found among Mensa's highbrows SASH
Bess's partner loses head in drunken revel ORGY
Bird showing lineage, possibly? EAGLE
Breakdown service rejected enrolling Zulu despot CZAR
Cavities swallowed by Bermuda Triangle ATRIA
Complain over my French vacation price REMONSTRATE
Contrary Greek ephebe is housing dog PEKE
Daydream about lake inspires verse REVERIE
Demand one run along the ground TAXI
Fatherless outcast goes west in musical HAIR
Fine tiramisu cooked around five o'clock, timeless preference Favouritism
Girls cheat terribly to acquire hot source of illumination SEARCHLIGHT
Half of arbiters initially opposed means of defence JUDO
Clues Answers
Immortal wise man cycles around the French AGELESS
Mockingly interrogate partner about unknown vice discovered QUIZZICALLY
On the radio, kick a gentle Cockney fan ACOLYTE
Opening of tropical fruit in warm THAW
Pardon head succeeding on account of surrender forgiveness
Petunia, lacking ingredients of pie, provides fish TUNA
Plastic lute is great instrument STEELGUITAR
Queen heading north on vessel English considered improved RECUPERATED
Retreat after female shows talent FLAIR
Settle up badly EVIL
Stones Doctor Strange GARNETS
Swell car mostly occupied by agents AUGMENT
Team on the rise ejecting United in forthcoming tie FIXTURE
True determination can cut off offering resistance internally CALIBRATION
Two-thirds of bridge section is supported by hard debris RUBBISH
Witty screenplay's outline adopts high tone SALTY