New York Times - Oct 4 2001

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Clues Answers
'Cotton Candy' trumpeter HIRT
'Great' beasts APES
'Iliad,' 'Odyssey' and the like EPOS
'___-Willow' ('The Mikado' song) TIT
A Mrs. Chaplin OONA
A pop PER
An actor may trip over one LINE
AOL activities CHATS
Barber's challenge MOP
Brute leader? ETTU
Change EMEND
Choice on a French survey OUI
Combine UNITE
Commoner PLEB
Consequently ERGO
Contribution before the deal ANTE
Cubic Rubik ERNO
Curry, e.g. STEW
Doctor's advice, perhaps REST
Earth tone OCHRE
Fine literature it's not POTBOILER
Fit to ___ ATEE
Fix firmly RIVET
Flying off the shelves HOT
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Franz ___ 'Hungarian Rhapsodies' LISZTS
French weapon ARME
George Harrison's 'When We Was ___' FAB
Got something down ATE
Inc. staff EDS
Kind of test LITMUS
Led, as a jazz band FRONTED
Longtime Chicago Symphony conductor SOLTI
Minuet follower TRIO
More than a feeling ESP
Most sheltered SECUREST
N.B.A.'s Unseld WES
Clues Answers
Nixon, once VEEP
No hit FLOP
Noisy cutter BUZZSAW
Not all there DOTTY
One may be on the can FLIPTOP
One of the Everly Brothers PHIL
Outlaw hunters POSSE
Planetlike SPHERIC
Require OBLIGE
Roughly ORSO
Schenectady is on it MOHAWKRIVER
See 50-Across AMOK
See 67-Across AGENT
Series ender? ETC
Service acknowledgment TIP
Sharon's land: Abbr. ISR
Small small? LIL
Some Winter Olympians BOBSLEDTEAMS
Square NERDY
Star vehicle? LIMO
Studies hard BONESUP
The evening star VESPER
They're piled on the floor SHAGCARPETS
They're played with plectrums ZITHERS
Time before EVE
U.S. Airways info ETA
Under an umbrella SHADED
Undertake SETOUT
Units of distance PACES
Utah, with 'the' BEEHIVESTATE
Washington is on it ONE
Waterloo locale IOWA
With 47-Down, went wild RAN
With 51-Down, commission collector SALES
Yeanling producer EWE
You may take them down THESTAIRS