Wall Street Journal - Nov 25 2020 - Indulge Yourself

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Clues Answers
“Can I take that as ___?” ANO
“Outlander” network STARZ
“Pick me! I know the answer!” OOHOOH
“Should that be the case...” IFSO
“Your moving and storage resource” UHAUL
*Attractive accompanier ARMCANDY
*Muscly man BEEFCAKE
*Sexy fellow STUDMUFFIN
A whole lot SCADS
Annoy RILE
Beat TOP
Betray happiness WEARASMILE
Blue-necked bird EMU
Bounty letters HMS
Braque forte CUBISM
Capital about 185 miles east-southeast of Miami NASSAU
Celebrity chef Ripert ERIC
Chip with cheese NACHO
Clock marking XII
Colonnade tree ELM
Cranberry crop source BOG
Crumbly cheese FETA
Days of old YORE
Dazzle AWE
De Armas of “Knives Out” ANA
Dietary info for some treats, and for the starred answers? ZEROCALORIE
Disturbingly unfamiliar ALIEN
Doofus CLOD
Eddie Fisher’s “___ You Now” INEED
Emphatic agreement in España SISI
Exams for future attys LSATS
Fork out SPEND
Get together MEET
Gives an expensive coat to GILDS
Graph line AXIS
Grumpy response to being roused IMUP
Clues Answers
Guest accommodation COT
He caught Don’s perfect game YOGI
Historical records ANNALS
Home Depot rival LOWES
Honshu honorific SAN
Inbox item MEMO
Incorporeal answerer SIRI
Irritated state SNIT
It’s boring DRILL
Liquor unit DRAM
Long in the Pro Football Hall of Fame HOWIE
Many Comic-Con attendees FANBOYS
Marina space BERTH
More than unpopular HATED
Morphine source OPIUM
Neptune, e.g SEAGOD
Not binding NULL
Out of control AMOK
Picks from a lineup IDS
Release, as an album DROP
Run out of steam TIRE
Sapporo spirit SAKE
Shows in ADMITS
Sister of Eva and Magda ZSAZSA
Smith’s specialty METALCRAFT
Someone who doesn’t finish a sentence PAROLEE
Spinach is rich in it IRON
Spot SEE
Steamed MAD
Superior sort SNOB
Take in DUPE
Take responsibility for a screw-up OWNIT
The Caledonian Canal connects four of them LOCHS
Under the weather ILL
Vientiane language LAO
Yolk dipper TOAST
Zion National Park setting UTAH