The Washington Post - Nov 24 2020

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Clues Answers
'70s fashion trend ... and features of 3-, 5- and 9-Down BELLBOTTOMS
'Chuck' star Zachary LEVI
'Get out of the way!' MOVE
'That's what __ said!' SHE
'Tuesday' special with fowl filling CHICKENTACO
19th-century French gift to New York City STATUEOFLIBERTY
50-st. country USA
Actress Rooney __ MARA
App downloader USER
Author Fleming IAN
Beaujolais grape GAMAY
Blunders SLIPS
Boxer or Borzoi DOG
Chairman mentioned in the Beatles' 'Revolution' MAO
Corner PC key CTRL
Crunch cousins SITUPS
Deserved MERITED
Early electronics co RCA
Eaves dropping? ICICLE
Eco-friendly, as a container REUSABLE
End of a threat ORELSE
ESPN journalist Storm HANNAH
Fashion designer Rabanne PACO
French salt SEL
Fruit tree grouping ORCHARD
Game with strikes and a ball BOWLING
Hose problem KINK
It precedes beauty, per a saying AGE
Item of interest? LOAN
Kangaroo or kinkajou ANIMAL
Label for two 'Aretha' albums ARISTA
Lairs DENS
Lets loose on HASAT
Like some oxymoronic odds EVEN
Lola in a Manilow song, e.g SHOWGIRL
Mil. head honcho GEN
Mild expletive DANGIT
Clues Answers
Mobile home: Abbr ALA
NBC revue that gave us 'More Cowbell' SNL
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Not e'en once NEER
Not up to the task UNABLE
Occupied BUSY
Officially give, as a exam ADMINISTER
Org. that handles returns IRS
Package PARCEL
Partnership abbr LLC
Photog's deg MFA
Pro __ TEM
Property valuations APPRAISALS
Puts up ERECTS
Realtor's move RELO
Return from a cave? ECHO
Risqué RACY
Road section for public transit vehicles BUSLANE
Roof support beam RAFTER
Ryan of 'You've Got Mail' MEG
Sign of things to come OMEN
Sing strongly BELT
Slack-jawed AGOG
Stretches at a wedding? LIMOS
Super Mario's dinosaur YOSHI
Tableland MESA
Taiwanese laptop brand ACER
TV journalist Stahl LESLEY
Underwater snorkeling done behind metal bars SHARKCAGEDIVING
Vegas action BET
W. Coast cop force LAPD
Waikiki neckwear LEIS
Wall cal. periods YRS
Web access co ISP
Wile E. Coyote explosive TNT
Words before 'vey' and 'gevalt' OYS
Wrath IRE