The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 24 2020

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Clues Answers
A time to invite bid ATTEMPT
Adult is eaten by large cat in affair LIAISON
Aircraft tracker RADAR
Appendage LIMB
Atrocious HEINOUS
Bathroom item used in hospital care TALC
Body powder TALC
Branch in Slimbridge LIMB
Campanologist RINGER
Church official in tree ELDER
Common duck MALLARD
Conservative is spot on RIGHT
Cricketer BATSMAN
Cricketer in river causes argument DEBATE
Ditch used in Alamo attack MOAT
Doctrine CREDO
Edible bulbs ONIONS
Engine engager CLUTCH
Entitlement RIGHT
Formal discussion DEBATE
Get Adele trained as agent DELEGATE
Go-between LIAISON
Grace for one servant welcoming son BATSMAN
Clues Answers
Grasp newly-hatched chickens CLUTCH
Grave TOMB
Guiding principle in mediocre dogma CREDO
Hint from artist leaving daily grind TRACE
Human taking time in lesson MORTAL
Individuality IDENTITY
It detects woman in Rolls-Royce RADAR
Liberal in first-rate legal defence ALIBI
Meat slice RASHER
Minor planet ASTEROID
Mob whacked after time finds resting place TOMB
Natural environment HABITAT
Old puffer in shopping centre on a road MALLARD
One calls for a double RINGER
One god inspiring Bible character IDENTITY
Practice at home ground HABITAT
Reckless ruler wants some bacon RASHER
Sit and adore worked-out body ASTEROID
Six spies guarding hill station VICTORIA
Sponge cake variety VICTORIA
Suspect's excuse ALIBI
Tribal leader ELDER
Vegetables expert should know them! ONIONS
Vestige TRACE
Water-filled trench MOAT
Wicked male one with common sense HEINOUS