Wall Street Journal - Nov 24 2020 - Baby Buggies

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Clues Answers
“In the Hall of the Mountain King” composer GRIEG
“Sherry” singer VALLI
Adjustable garments BRAS
Beetle’s birthplace? VOLKSWAGENPLANT
Best Buy buys TVS
Big pharmaceutical company, familiarly GLAXO
Book with many books BIBLE
Brewed beverage TEA
Bro or sis SIB
CBS franchise CSI
Cheapskate PIKER
Classic folk song about a colorful dog OLDBLUE
Co. founded as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company IBM
Condor’s playground AIR
Cop’s zapper TASER
Courtroom worker, for short STENO
Dir. opposite WSW ENE
Dominant, in the pack ALPHA
Down by the pond? EIDER
Dye container VAT
Essential quality TRAIT
Fifth installment PARTV
Fly’s birthplace? BASEBALLBAT
Freshman, typically TEEN
Friendly start? ECO
Gets into the pool BETS
Grimace cause PAIN
Grub’s birthplace? GREASYSPOON
Heart connector AORTA
Hieroglyphics animal CAT
Holder of hogs STY
Home nat. of soccer’s Messi ARG
Hydrated magnesium sulfate, in common parlance EPSOMSALT
In support of FOR
It may have wings STAGE
It’s just a number AGE
Its calling code is +1 USA
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Clues Answers
Kilmer of “The Doors” VAL
Kitchen hot spots RANGETOPS
Kitchen invader ANT
Modern art? ARE
Mom’s sis AUNTY
NHL center Thompson NATE
NYPD dispatch APB
O’Hare guesses ETAS
On the lookout WARY
One with a taxing workload? CPA
Org. seeking life elsewhere SETI
Performing name of Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza CHARO
Pet advocacy grp ASPCA
Pool problem ALGAE
Popular street name ELM
Pound sound BARK
Put away ATE
Quarterback Tony ROMO
River through Bath AVON
Safari sight RHINO
Savanna stalker LION
Schindler of “Schindler’s List” OSKAR
Shakespearean prince HAL
Slug’s birthplace? BOXINGGLOVE
Sound from the branches CHIRP
Spam, e.g EMAIL
Staff member? GCLEF
Stares slack-jawed GAPES
Stefani of No Doubt GWEN
Sushi bits ROE
Synonymous rhyme for “stash” CACHE
Temple fixtures ARKS
Tick’s birthplace? CUCKOOCLOCK
Transfixed AWED
Transforming toy from Tonka GOBOT
Tupperware piece LID
Valuable holding ASSET
Vegetables that can stain BEETS
Where drinks may be served in coconuts TIKIBAR