- Mar 26 2010

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Clues Answers
''Eureka!'' AHA
''Gunnery'' off. SGT
''Krazy ''__ KAT
''Speed'' star REEVES
''__ who?'' SEZ
Adjudicate TRY
Ancient woolen garments TOGAS
Basic biological molecule RNA
Be unsteady REEL
Big ATM maker NCR
Burroughs' Greystoke, for one LORD
Bygone Atl. crosser SST
Cities Service rival ESSO
Cleaning supplies RAGS
Coffee-break time TEN
Congressional vote AYE
Construction worker HARDHAT
Contempt SCORN
Counting-out start EENY
Crude grp. OPEC
David Ben-__ GURION
Declines to decide HAWS
Energize AMPUP
Evil computer of filmdom HAL
Exhasuted ALLIN
Fake drake DECOY
Fiber source OAT
Fictional Saxon knight IVANHOE
Fleck MOTE
Get rid of AXE
Grp. with an influential journal AMA
Hall of Fame football coach Hank STRAM
Hangs about HOVERS
Hi-__ graphics RES
Jason's ship ARGO
Clues Answers
Kid around JOSH
Kitchen staples EVERYDAYFOOD
Leave in a hurry ABSCOND
Leeway ROOM
Like vertebrates SPINED
Long-running NBC show SNL
Major artery AORTA
Merchant-ship apprentice ORDINARYSEAMAN
Mexican forebears AZTEC
MLB stat RBI
More reliable SAFER
More timeworn OLDER
Mystical meeting SEANCE
Native New Zealander MAORI
Neural transmitter AXON
New moon, e.g. PHASE
Patron saint of France DENYS
Persian poet KHAYYAM
Pigmented eye parts UVEAS
Plum relative SLOE
Precious metal, in Panama ORO
Proofreader's mark CARET
Quick-and-dirty solution KLUDGE
Santa __ (California racetrack) ANITA
Scalawag SCAMP
Source of shavings PLANE
Take off FLY
Teacher-training institution NORMALSCHOOL
Throw with effort HEAVE
Toon fish in a 2003 film NEMO
Tough spot JAM
Treble-staff symbol GCLEF
Tree surgeon's procedure GRAFT
Trouble WOE
Wisc. neighbor MICH
__ ''de combat'' HORS