- Nov 23 2020

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Clues Answers
''Do __ others . . .'' UNTO
''Grizzly'' beasts BEARS
''It's cold in here!'' BRR
''On your mark, get __, . . .!'' SET
''Peanuts'' kid with a blanket LINUS
''Well, __ darned!'' ILLBE
Array of calculator buttons KEYPAD
At the present time NOW
Be a nuisance to ANNOY
Bright fire BLAZE
Bushy, showy garden flower DAHLIA
Camel's South American kin LLAMA
Capital of Norway OSLO
Castaway's flat vessel made of logs RAFT
Cited in a speech NOTED
Compact __ player (audio device) DISC
Contributor to charity DONOR
Cotton-tipped ear cleaner SWAB
Dough-rising ingredient YEAST
Dr. Jekyll's evil side HYDE
Feeling gloomy SAD
Filled with trees, as a forest WOODY
Gives a new hue to DYES
Go by bus or horse RIDE
Golf pegs TEES
Good friend PAL
Got to one's feet AROSE
Harrison of ''Star Wars'' films FORD
High goal to aspire to IDEAL
Horse's striped relative ZEBRA
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Large coffeemakers URNS
Levels of stadium seats TIERS
Lobster's cousins CRABS
Long yellow-skinned fruit BANANA
Look at SEE
Made a sketch of DREW
Mahogany or maple TREE
Major cable sports channel ESPN
Clues Answers
Moses' Bible book EXODUS
Neighborhood AREA
Newly employed person HIREE
Nine-to-__ worker FIVE
Not doing anything IDLE
Not quite a sure thing ALMOSTCERTAINLY
Not quite finished NEARLYCOMPLETED
Not quite sufficient JUSTABOUTENOUGH
Oil change, to a mechanic LUBE
One-liner, for instance JOKE
Otherwise ELSE
Overwhelm with laughter SLAY
Pier for a ship DOCK
Poke fun at TEASE
Precipitation in pellets HAIL
Prepare for publication EDIT
Recommend strongly URGE
Retail merchant SELLER
Sends away, as a letter MAILS
Service charges FEES
Sesame __ bun SEED
Shape of a pound cake LOAF
Sharp part of a razor EDGE
Small city TOWN
So far ASYET
Spa's steam room SAUNA
Stallone's commando character RAMBO
Triple-decker cookie OREO
True statement FACT
Upscale watch brand ROLEX
Uttered SAID
Walks away GOES
Was familiar with KNEW
Wearisome speaker BORE
Wept audibly SOBBED
Where a goatee grows CHIN
Workshop gripping device VISE
__ down on (get strict with) CLAMP