Universal - Mar 26 2010

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Clues Answers
"Can't Help Lovin' ___ Man" (Kern/Hammerstein song) DAT
"It's finished!" THERE
"Sorry if ___ a little harsh ..." ISEEM
"Speed" actor REEVES
"___ Wonderful Life" ITSA
Bard's black EBON
Bare existence? NUDISM
Be in a different form? ARE
Beepers PAGERS
Book's last word END
Boxer's measurement REACH
Brooding mother HEN
Car dealer's come-on NOMONEYDOWN
Center court object NET
Coarse, as a sense of humor EARTHY
Commercial reference ASSEENONTV
Confirm with a vote, e.g. RATIFY
Cook's meas. TSP
Coordinated gene cluster OPERON
Coptic bishops ABBAS
Cornrows alternative AFRO
Despite, briefly THO
Detroit football player LION
Diamondback reptile TERRAPIN
Dined ATE
Dipsomaniac SOT
Drive-thru sign ENTER
Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet THETA
Engage in espionage SPY
English actress Nell GWYN
Erie Canal mule SAL
Fancy violin, for short STRAD
Fighting force UNIT
Flies, to spiders PREY
Florida isles KEYS
Flue accumulation SOOT
Give an expensive coat to? GILD
Gladiators' fight site ARENA
Group of students CLASS
Clues Answers
Highest peak in the Alps MONTBLANC
Huron neighbor ERIE
Ignore a Commandment STEAL
Impudent PERT
Indian maid AYAH
Infamous Rome fiddler NERO
It might come in handy for a standee STRAP
Its first catalog was mailed out in 1905 SPIEGEL
Like India paper THIN
March syllable HUP
Marginal reference NOTATION
Medical test control substance PLACEBO
Moscow theater company BOLSHOI
Music to a bargain hunter's ears GETONEFREE
Needles partner PINS
Nepal's continent ASIA
Nigerian currency NAIRA
One of TV's Maverick brothers BART
Organ with a drum EAR
Peacock's pride PLUMAGE
Phonograph needles (Var.) STYLI
Piggy bank filler CENTS
Postpones DEFERS
Sad ending? ISM
Sally Field film, "Norma ___" RAE
Séance phenomenon TRANCE
Shoelace hole EYELET
Smoking and nonsmoking, e.g. AREAS
Some ponies SHETLANDS
Telepathic gift ESP
The Honeydrippers' "___ of Love" SEA
Thirty-day mo. SEPT
Top fighter pilot ACE
What hearts do, in romance novels ACHE
Whistle blower, in basketball REF
Writing implement PEN
Yale student ELI
Yellow-ribbon tree, in song OAK