New York Times - Nov 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'Dumb' bird DODO
'Hmm, good enough' ITLLDO
'Sexy ___' (Beatles song) SADIE
'Think' for IBM and 'Think outside the bun' for Taco Bell SLOGANS
'This is terrible!' OHNO
Artist's stand EASEL
Atmosphere AIR
Australian wind instrument DIDGERIDOO
Belfast's province ULSTER
Book after II Chronicles EZRA
Caller of balls and strikes UMP
Capital of Colombia BOGOTA
Church groups in robes CHOIRS
City between Phoenix and Mesa TEMPE
Comic Carvey once of 'S.N.L.' DANA
Communicating by wireless RADIOING
Delivery room announcement ITSAGIRL
Dine at a restaurant EATOUT
End of a school's email address EDU
Exactly below, on a map DUESOUTH
Exchange TRADE
Fills with love ENAMORS
Fish eggs ROE
Fleming who created 007 IAN
Forlorn SAD
Fraternity party costume made from a bedsheet TOGA
Ho ___ Minh City CHI
Hole-digging tool SPADE
Horror film villain with a knife SLASHER
In good health WELL
Insolent talk SASS
Justin Trudeau's father PIERRE
Kind of pudding TAPIOCA
Lifesaving subj. taught by the Red Cross CPR
Like the smell of burning rubber ACRID
Locale of Oakland and Alameda EASTBAY
Clues Answers
Longtime 'Project Runway' host Klum HEIDI
Minor fender damage DING
Not busy IDLE
One of the Three Musketeers ARAMIS
Pink-flowering shrub AZALEA
Place to store garden tools SHED
Quick trip to a store and back, e.g ERRAND
Reggae relative SKA
Rubber gaskets ORINGS
Sch. in New Haven, Conn YALEU
Scottish refusals NAES
Severe place of confinement IRONCAGE
Sign of a wound's healing SCAB
Smog, e.g HAZE
Sounded like sheep BAAED
Spanish resort island, to locals MALLORCA
Stitches SEWS
System of underwater mountains MIDOCEANRIDGE
Take-it-with-you computer LAPTOP
Talon CLAW
Tennis's Murray or Roddick ANDY
Third-largest city in Japan OSAKA
Threadbare WORN
Two auto-racing Unsers ALS
Two forms of them are found in 18-, 38- and 60-Across IDS
Tyne Daly or Keira Knightley ACTRESS
U.S. president who was once president of the Harvard Law Review OBAMA
Unleavened bread for Passover MATZOH
Wallace of Fox News CHRIS
Way over there, quaintly YON
Wedding attendant BRIDESMAID
White gemstone OPAL
White gemstone PEARL
Wicked city in Genesis SODOM
Words of praise KUDOS
___ lobe (part of the brain) PARIETAL
___-European languages INDO