The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1750

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Clues Answers
A child Marryat abandoned in London landmark Admiralty Arch
Agitated Poles eating fish SHAKEN
Award originally conveyed on horseback CUP
Bird of prey old playwright’s written in Greek GOSHAWK
Crazy general’s assistant enthralled by chart MADCAP
Dog compiler observed south of his glen, oddly English setter
Dull piece of fabric we may wipe our feet on? MAT
Enthuse over northern bird RAVEN
Eyesore? What some animals live in, we’re told STYE
Favourite weapon to contain universal ill-humour PETULANCE
Flesh-eating mammal — one with fur, perhaps? COATI
Guest, popular girl, needing support on course INVITEE
Knowledge test for the upper classes GENTRY
Clues Answers
Like the Fens, ultimately rather quiet in May MARSHY
Longing for 20 in Osaka? YEN
Manage to make ceremonial cloak COPE
More voguish jail? COOLER
Operatic heroine caught leading man taking off MIMICKING
Prepared to study biology at last READY
Some cold, stern grandad, perhaps? OLDSTER
Take steps with fellow politician to secure agreement COMPACT
Unbiased individual initially given role in distribution of mail IMPARTIAL
Uphill task, introducing a new motto SLOGAN
Vagrant mongrel — quiet one with tail pi-dog
Vehicle access skirting front of posh woodwork CARPENTRY
Visit Bath and Wells for example SEE