Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 23 2020

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Clues Answers
Angry guy crossing the line is not much to look at UGLY
Bar in Rush for the locals? BOLT
Carry on Constable - the last movie COPE
Cast aspersions on the sociability of person in Waterford DEHUMANISE
Character risked a removal from Kildare Street LETTER
Decorator suffering from infectious disease in Dublin PAINTBRUSH
Drink from a number springs and, of course, the Arabs find them challenging WATERJUMPS
For the most part, Old Skin is taken in by beleaguered US Treasury DUST
From which little acorns grow for that mindless lot NUTCASES
It's ideal for a quick getaway from 24 down and 2 down BOLTHOLE
Made to read novel about leaders of Northern Europe EARNED
Massachusetts' missing chest produced by relatives of The Mandarins? SATSUMAS
Most of the amphetamines chemically mixed might floor one of those in Ring UPPERCUT
Must rearrange half the accommodation for the French trips STUMBLES
Clues Answers
Promise by president to be brief with accounts PLEDGE
Psychologist dismisses pigsty and in that there's more than one lesson? SCHOOL
Reading material for barman on the breakfast bar SCROLL
Religious graduate hides hole in wet blanket BORE
Replace Pulp's medley with sound off, missing intro SUPPLANT
Said almost simultaneously without coming up for air INTHESAMEBREATH
Short story and fables popular in the nursery LILIES
Staggers back around island from the bar SPIRIT
State spies from underworld picked up on ocean liner SEASHELL
The perfect type of chip in the dish, for example, from Takeaway FLAWLESS
Types of accommodation on the summits of St Elias Mountains on both sides? Igloos! SEMIS
What the forward did over the head of the last man, as Rube Goldberg dismissed rugger? LOBBED
What you get with doughnut that's part of the course HOLE
Woman from Heidelberg university in Germany associated with good books that can be deceptive Fraudulent