The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 22 2020

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Clues Answers
'... and such' ETC
'All About ___ Love' (Sade song) OUR
'Georgia, Georgia' screenwriter ANGELOU
'Hidden Figures' actor Mahershala ALI
'Isn't that interesting!' AHA
'Lucky Numbers' director Ephron NORA
'No ___!' PRO
'Secret Quest' publisher ATARI
'Sweet' in the 1950s NEATO
'That was a bad shot!' FORE
'The Wrath & the Dawn' author Ahdieh RENEE
'There!' ONE
'Understood' ROGER
'Watch and learn' LIKESO
'We're in trouble!' HELP
'Ye' follower OLDE
'___ Man' (1978 hit) MACH
'___ sweet, adown the shady past, / A lingering look of love to cast': Browning TIS
1960s activist Bobby SEALE
Abbr. after 'comp' or 'poli' SCI
Acquired a title, say? WON
Allege to be true AVE
Americano alternatives LATTES
Arboretum specimen named for an insect LOCUSTTREE
Bad emotional condition admission IMAMESS
Bass tuners PEGS
Begin to wake STIR
Begin ___ (start over) NEW
Bill taught by Carl Sagan at Cornell NYE
Boron's atomic number IVE
Boxing memento, maybe EYE
Break down slowly RODE
Cannes response OUI
Cause to be less cool? UNNERVE
Chaotic conflict MELEE
Coastal structure LEVEE
Coat found on a street TAR
Cocktails served in champagne flutes MIMOSAS
Coloratura's number ARI
Common pasta herb OREGANO
Corner square? STAMP
Cosmetic application TONER
Covert missions OPS
Creditors can file claims against them STATES
Critiques harshly RIPS
Croats, e.g SLAVS
Curly companion with curly hair LARRY
Cutting and insulting SNIDE
Dark-coated retriever LAB
Dawson on the gridiron LEN
Defense establishment, at times INNOCENCE
Disdainful expressions SNEERS
Divulge ETON
Down Under critter ROO
Droopy animator Tex VERY
Drop a letter, say ERAS
Entomologist's subject BEETLE
Erroneous OFFBASE
Expends completely USESUP
Extension granted to students? EDU
Fashion designer Jacobs MAR
Feature of ClickHole articles SATIRE
Features of some butterfly wings SPOT
First course follower ENTRE
Fit Fare diner chain DENNYS
Folks, in slang PEEPS
Former NBA star Rice GLEN
From now on HENCE
G/U/A/C holder RNA
Gabor of 'Love Island' EVA
Glove worn near home MIT
Great American ___ Festival (event hosted by the Brewers Association) BEER
Greek symbol of resistance MEG
Highly unusual ARE
Hit the road ENT
Honda PCX150, e.g SCOOTER
Immense amount TON
In the area separating BETWEEN
Indy 500 legend ALUNSER
Injure, as a digit STUB
Interminable span EON
Clues Answers
Intern's device AGE
Its bite delivers powerful neurotoxins MAMBA
Labour Party opponent TORY
Lava's movement FLO
Leading ONTO
Like a painting of a painting MET
Like a thong bikini SCANT
Like Thanos in Marvel Comics EVIL
Like those with an easygoing attitude TYPEB
Makes moist WETS
Makes public ARES
Material of the White Witch's castle in Narnia ICE
Medieval farming figure SER
Mediterranean dish fruit OLIVE
Mickey who appeared in several Disney films ROONE
Midwestern birthplace of the musician Elliott Smith OMAHA
Muse of love poems ERATO
Net transmissions MAILS
Nickname for Atlanta BIG
Non-pluses? MINUSES
Occurring once each May, say EARLY
Of a certain college ELECTORAL
Olympic or political events ACES
Ominous sighting, it's said CAT
One aboard a hypothetical ship LIEN
One of 36 on a piano KEY
One swiping left and right, for short? KLEPTO
Org. seizing 89 Across DEA
Output from Slimer in 'Ghostbusters' GOO
Overly fussy ANA
Pacific Island resident BORNEAN
Passenger on a flying carpet in a Disney film ABU
Philosopher's way TAO
Phosphine, e.g GAS
Physician and science communicator Choo ESTHER
Player in a club STEREO
Polish locale TOENAIL
Political reporter Stokols ELI
Radius, e.g LINE
Ram, in Latin ARIES
Ring-shaped island TOLL
Rule in physics class LAW
San ___ (Buenos Aires neighborhood) ISIDRO
See 28 Across AIR
Shell propeller OAR
Shields of 'Endless Love' BROOK
Sign of sleepiness AWNING
Sings about? RATSON
Site for many a meet-cute SINGLESBAR
Slight shade INGE
Sluice gate site DAM
Social hierarchy level CASTE
Spends time outdoors, in a way AMPS
Stand-up comic Gilliam STU
Statistician's finding REND
Stuff on blotter paper LSD
Subject of ancient conspiracy theories? BRUTUS
Temple practices RITES
Thanksgiving desserts PECANPIES
That USWNT member HER
Theoretical celestial body DWARF
They have growth potential CROPS
Thin piece SLIVER
Thing in a motel closet COT
Turns off, as lights ILLS
U.S. president who was an Eagle Scout FOR
Vault site APSE
Wading site CREE
Waxy substance in wool LANOLIN
Way outside a building ALLEY
White binder, often GLUE
Will in the Bible HAL
Winged worker BEE
Witchcraft ART
With 11 Down, bluster HOT
Worth knowing OFNOTE
___ center (play space) REC
___ drive HARD
___ out a victory (squeaked through) EKED