USA Today - Jan 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cast Away' setting ISLE
'Dancing on My Own' artist ROBYN
'Garfield' dog ODIE
'Te ___' AMO
'That stings!' OUCH
'That's a smart thought!' GREATIDEA
'That's unfortunate' SHAME
'Wow,' in a text OMG
Application USE
Automaker with a four-ring logo AUDI
Band represented by 18-, 27- and 47-Across JOYDIVISION
Basic font ARIAL
Bookselling partner of Barnes NOBLE
Boxing moves JABS
Cards in wallets IDS
Contacted via Outlook, say EMAILED
Container of corn CAN
Contents of Santa's sleigh TOYS
Country represented by Pita Taufatofua TONGA
Curled one's lip SNEERED
Depend RELY
Early recording of a song DEMO
Elevator passage SHAFT
Excerpt from a diary JOURNALENTRY
Front of a cupboard DOOR
Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program org EPA
Happily ___ after EVER
Hard-to-trust person LIAR
Hardworking insect in a fable ANT
High-arcing tennis shot LOB
In a higher tier NEXTLEVEL
Internet connection option DSL
Irregular UNEVEN
It's fragrant when burned INCENSE
Kansas City baseballer ROYAL
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Look into carefully VET
Magnum ___ OPUS
Marsh stalks REEDS
Clues Answers
Member of Blackpink LISA
Merited EARNED
Mine find ORE
Modern opposite of A.D BCE
Movie ticket fragment STUB
Norwegian inlet FJORD
Not lenient STERN
Note above fa SOL
Outback animal EMU
Outback animal, for short ROO
OutKast's city, for short ATL
Parental sharing JOINTCUSTODY
Places for poultry COOPS
Potato recipe verb MASH
Prefix meaning 'small' MINI
Pub purchases ALES
Range for some saxes ALTO
Rave music TECHNO
Rowing sticks OARS
School URL ending EDU
Seizes NABS
Shoulder-to-hip accessory SASH
Sing softly CROON
Skating jump AXEL
Sociologist and author Ewing EVE
Stomach problem ULCER
The 'V' in VP VICE
Therefore, to Descartes ERGO
Turn down REJECT
Was in charge of the music DJED
Wasn't on time RANLATE
Way to pay to play ANTE
What tenure provides, typically JOBSECURITY
What the three wise monkeys can't see, hear and speak, respectively EVIL
___ a major DECLARE
___ circle (trusted group) INNER
___ Dame NOTRE
___ for the course PAR
___-tac-toe TIC