Universal - Nov 20 2020

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Clues Answers
"Chopped" contestant CHEF
"Impossible" part of an impossible burger PATTY
"You heard me right!" IWENTTHERE
"___ Be" (Black Eyed Peas hit) IMMA
*"This 2009 animated movie is too complicated!" ICANTGETUP
*"We gotta discuss this 2017 horror movie!" LETSTALKABOUTIT
*With 54-Across, "Don't eat all your popcorn during this 2019 thriller's first scene!" SAVESOMEFOR
Actor Driver ADAM
Added fee before flying AIRPORTTAX
Ahi and albacore TUNAS
Angelina who played Lara Croft JOLIE
Back of a boot HEEL
Bear in space URSA
Bone in a cage RIB
Brand for "choosy moms" JIF
Bring on board HIRE
Buddy CHUM
Bundle of grain SHEAF
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
Come to a point? MEET
Comedian O'Donnell ROSIE
Connection point for multiple dongles USBHUB
D sharp equivalent EFLAT
Depletes, as energy SAPS
Dirties SOILS
Eighth mo AUG
Eliminates, with "out" XES
Fashion's Wang VERA
Fig. to keep secret SSN
Filing jobs, informally? MANIS
Flow back EBB
Fox Sports alternative ESPN
Full duration SPAN
Google Maps guess, briefly ETA
Greek salad topper FETACHEESE
Green-lights OKS
Hearty steak TBONE
High-five sound SLAP
Clues Answers
Hike "souvenirs" BITES
Informal feud BEEF
Inundates with messages SPAMS
Litigate SUE
Ludicrous INANE
Male ___ (objectifying perspective) GAZE
Maze runner RAT
Musician whose stage name was inspired by a whale MOBY
Must pay OWES
Object in the Pixar logo LAMP
Pennsylvania city by a lake ERIE
Per unit APOP
Permeate gradually SEEP
Policy for "Dreamers": Abbr DACA
Powder cleanser maker AJAX
Race, like an engine REV
Release with bugs, often BETA
Renamed Mac platform OSX
Response to "Have a nice day!" YOUTOO
Series-ending abbr ETC
Sinister EVIL
Sort of ABIT
Spanish "goodbye" ADIOS
Steak, often, in a combo dish TURF
Sun Devils' sch ASU
The Atlantic, e.g., briefly MAG
The movies at the starred answers' ends, based on their titles' lengths? SHORTFILMS
They're not lax at LAX TSA
Units that sound like 7-Down BYTES
Vietnamese New Year TET
View, as thou would SEEST
Work requiring dedication? ODE
World's fair EXPO
___ California BAJA
___ Grande RIO
___ parts (fenders and such) AUTO