New York Times - Mar 25 2010

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Clues Answers
'Oh, give me ___ ...' AHOME
'The A-Team' muscleman MRT
61-Across, e.g. TVSHOW
ABC daytime staple since 1997 THEVIEW
Alphabet string RSTU
Annihilate, with 'down' MOW
Answer RSVP
Antique dealer, at times DATER
Bookbinding decoration GOLDLEAF
Boxing champ Hector CAMACHO
Car whose name is an acronym SAAB
Carrier to Tokyo ANA
Choreographer Lubovitch LAR
Comedian Margaret CHO
Computer innards, for short CPUS
Concerning ASTO
Earlier AGO
Electrical pioneer Thomson ELIHU
For everyone to see INPUBLIC
Frequent spoilers NANAS
Frequent Winter Olympics site ALP
Get behind OWE
Goes after ASSAILS
In agreement with the group ONBOARD
Jimmy Stewart syllables AWS
Jr. Olympics sponsor AAU
Kind of disorder BIPOLAR
Kobe Bryant's team, on scoreboards LAL
Like boot camp vis-à-vis day camp HARSHER
Like slow students, sometimes TUTORED
Clues Answers
Milk: Prefix LACT
More than a raid SIEGE
Near East honorific AGA
Nile Valley region NUBIA
Odd sign at a Michelin dealership? BLOWOUTTIRESALE
Odd sign at Men's Wearhouse? ALLSUITSSLASHED
Odd sign at Victoria's Secret? LINGERIEHALFOFF
One-sided contests ROUTS
Panhandle city AMARILLO
Part of an academic title EMERITUS
Photography pioneer EASTMAN
Physical expense LABFEE
Popular wedding gift CHINA
Program holders PCS
Radiant AGLEAM
Roar producer SURF
Roast, e.g. FETE
Romanian currency LEU
Sandwiches for dessert OREOS
Sch. in Brooklyn, N.Y. LIU
Shortcut, perhaps DIAGONAL
Soaks (up) SOPS
Spiral-shelled creature NAUTILUS
Summerlike ESTIVAL
Symbol of limpness WETRAG
Talents FLAIRS
Tea flavorings HERBS
The 'S' in 54-Down SIL
The Black Stallion and others ARABIANS
U.R.L. ending ORG
Who wrote 'He who does not trust enough will not be trusted' LAOTSE
___ 2600 ATARI
___ Accord (1998 Mideast peace agreement) WYE
___ cheese BLEU