New York Times - Nov 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'An Officer and a Gentleman' star, 1982 GERE
'Kiss Me ___ the Phone' (2009 #3 hit) THRU
'Little Rhody,' with 'the' OCEANSTATE
Actor/comedian ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
Annoying thing to hear in a movie theater RINGTONE
Ashtray fill BUTTS
Attention getter YOOHOO
Avalanche BARRAGE
Burgeoned GREW
Burning issue ARSON
CARE, e.g., for short NGO
Catchphrase on 'The Simpsons' AYCARAMBA
Childish denial ARENOT
Classic Buster Keaton film set in Civil War times THEGENERAL
Common activity in couples therapy TRUSTEXERCISE
Counter offer, for short? BLT
Court seat BANC
Cracked, in a way DECODED
Crisp, picturewise INHD
Digital identifiers TOETAGS
Discontinued grocery chain that was once the U.S.'s largest retailer AANDP
Dolce's partner in fashion GABBANA
Experts in determining the exact shape and size of the earth GEODESISTS
Face-off DUEL
Fiver ABE
Game in which the object is to end with zero points DARTS
German leader after Adenauer ERHARD
German philosopher Bloch ERNST
Goes 'Grrrr' GNARS
Gut feelings? KNOTS
Hearty har-hars BIGYUKS
Hiker's bagful TRAILMIX
Clues Answers
Inside the box? NEW
Like presidents with Bibles, maybe SWORNIN
Like stadiums TIERED
Love poet of old TROUBADOUR
Many workers on Wall Street, informally IBANKERS
Not so hot MILD
Off the ___ GRID
Old English dialect SAXON
One parent of a mixed-breed 'poxer' PUG
Parched ARID
Place name in Manhattan ASTOR
Psst! Don't pass it on! CHAINLETTER
Queens's ___ Field CITI
Requests made to latecomers, in brief ETAS
Saltimbocca ingredient SAGE
Satisfied the munchies SNACKED
Shipwreck site, maybe REEF
Slips and such LINGERIE
Snuggles NESTLES
Some campus V.I.P.s RAS
Some terms set by consenting partners SAFEWORDS
Someone to snuggle with CUDDLEBUDDY
Spanish opposite of odio AMOR
Spanish ___ MOSS
Stage honor OBIE
Startled response to 'Eek, a mouse!' WHERE
Strawberry, raspberry or cherry RED
Swarm MOB
Tempur-Pedic alternatives SERTAS
Uncut RAW
Weekend warrior's cry TGIF
___ Barnes, W.N.I.T.-winning basketball coach ADIA
___ lives NINE
___-Cat SNO