The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,544 - Nov 19 2020

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Clues Answers
25 this peculiar could become incomparable ABNORMAL
Agreed about male going up river MERSEY
Announced model wearing ornamental accessory TIEPIN
Area with sheep circling around for drink AMERICANO
As originally stated, very bad time with all getting reductions VERBATIM
Beginning to gather Romeo pulled DRAWN
Clues where northerner might be from, by listening LEADS
Constant work cutting off raised route CAUSEWAY
Diseased feeble weakling with head slightly down MILDEWED
Expeditions scared relaxed American dons CRUSADES
Fare in Delhi halving ... that is ridiculous INANE
Following wolf and ominous bears FANDOM
Folly and woe with son becoming married MADNESS
Huge epidemic avoided by half of the French EPIC
Many show signs of uncertainty in common sense NUMEROUS
Clues Answers
Misshapen deal provided recalled, cut from fir tree ALDER
No person having divine protection with shift in A&E DENIAL
Not gratified being deposed, losing fourth place UNSATED
One might pin down runner in flight STAIRROD
One not totally behind meeting without consultation Unilaterally
Open jail was adequate CANDID
Person is embroiled in false religion SHAMANISM
Personal search putting two drinks together SHAKEDOWN
Plastic altarpiece, not lead, is copy REPLICATE
Plump sandwich ROUND
Putting time into designs for English dresses COMPOSTS
Spots first-rate people entering into projects PREDICAMENTS
Two-thirds preserved, Cervantes novel in vault CAVERN
Upset offended deity EROS
Vital wrong answer must be reversed ALIVE