Universal - Nov 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"I'll handle that!" ONIT
"That includes ___!" YOU
"___ bien!" TRES
*Contest held the day before the MLB All-Star Game (1 to 5) HOMERUNDERBY
*Energy from fission (6 to 8) NUCLEARPOWER
*Ethical care for animals (see letters 3 to 7) HUMANETREATMENT
Accustom INURE
Add spice to SEASON
Amy who wrote "The Joy Luck Club" TAN
An Angel may steal one BASE
Appetizing SAVORY
Aptly shaped letter in "valley" VEE
Aqua Lung gear SCUBA
Author Umberto ECO
Binoculars accessory EYECUP
Blond's secret, maybe DYE
Blow up, as a photo ENLARGE
Bread that may contain caraway seeds RYE
Breakfast staples EGGS
Card featuring an A ACE
Cherry throwaway STEM
Chip in chips ANTE
Class where you may discover a painter, or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters ARTAPPRECIATION
Clear the tables BUS
Computer person? USER
Decline WANE
Engine part CAM
Establishes SETSUP
Eurasia's ___ Mountains URAL
Extremely thin BONY
Flowers in the Netherlands TULIPS
French bread? EURO
German article DER
Ham it up OVERACT
Hospital heroes NURSES
Hotel room fixtures TVS
Indian lentil dish DAL
Clues Answers
It may be picked NIT
It's a long story SAGA
Kind of IRA ROTH
Like seven Nolan Ryan games NOHIT
Made less stressful EASED
Magnetite, e.g IRONORE
Maui-to-Hawaii dir SSE
More than none ANY
Natural gas component ETHANE
Nice touch? CARESS
Nicki Minaj or Cardi B RAPPER
Number across from four, on a clock TEN
O'Hare code ORD
One of 24 HOUR
Partner of hook and line SINKER
Past, for the verb "passed" TENSE
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Pizza order PIE
Poker variety STUD
Polio vaccine developer SALK
Pool stick CUE
Pumbaa's friend in "The Lion King" TIMON
Respected one ELDER
Seal's blubber FAT
Set of prayers with beads ROSARY
Share again, like a story RETELL
Sharp-tasting TANGY
Small bump NODULE
Some are ultraviolet RAYS
Sriracha and hollandaise SAUCES
Test score, for instance RESULT
The "M" of YMCA MENS
Torment AGONY
Trash bag sealer TIE
Unconventional OUTRE
Worn out mentally FRIED
You can bank on it ATM
___ rasa TABULA