USA Today - Dec 30 2020

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Clues Answers
'Brown Skin' singer India.___ ARIE
'I kid you not' TRUESTORY
'Rugrats' protagonist TOMMY
'That's awful!' OHNO
'We'd be wise to skip that' LETSNOT
A whole bunch GOBS
Altar promise VOW
Brass or steel ALLOY
Burial sites TOMBS
C-___ (congressional channel) SPAN
CD-___ ROM
Comedian Butcher RHEA
Damsons and mirabelles PLUMS
Designation for a hit album GOLDRECORD
Dog's irritant FLEA
Engine sound PURR
Enjoy immensely SAVOR
Etching fluid ACID
Feels out of sorts AILS
Floor plan calculations AREAS
For example SAY
From ___ till dawn DUSK
Get married at the local courthouse, say ELOPE
High-pressure perch HOTSEAT
In the lead AHEAD
Injury reminder SCAR
Kid's injury OWIE
Lake south of Huron ERIE
Lawn cover SOD
Legislative tactic POCKETVETO
Like creme brulee RICH
Like long odds SLIM
Like some patches IRONON
Like some stray cats FERAL
Machinery parts COGS
Make it right ATONE
Muffuletta alternative POBOY
Mythical underworld HADES
Clues Answers
National Pet Day mo APR
Newspaper think piece OPED
Pilates surfaces MATS
Places with barbells GYMS
Poker hand starter ANTE
Practical joke GAG
Pre-1917 Russian rulers TSARS
Prefix for 'circle' SEMI
Proceeding mindlessly ONAUTO
Prop for a clown STILT
Prudent investments SMARTMONEY
Rice dish cooked with broth RISOTTO
Roberts in the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame NORA
Rodents, to snakes PREY
Roller coaster feature LOOP
Sausages served with onions BEERBRATS
Says further ADDS
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's milieu TRACK
SilverSneakers participant, perhaps RETIREE
Simple shelters HUTS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Small orchard GROVE
Snatch rudely GRAB
Some family members DADS
Some family members, for short SIBS
Spanish for 'bull' TORO
Spanish for 'bye' ADIOS
Speed bump's place ROAD
Surname that's an anagram of an orange traffic item COEN
Victoria Chang creation POEM
Voice actor SungWon CHO
Wasabi-loving Muppet ELMO
We're living in it DIGITALERA
Words to a blackjack dealer HITME
Works onstage ACTS
___ force BRUTE
___ it out (battles) DUKES
___ Tour (sports org.) PGA
___ up (admit guilt) FESS