The Washington Post - Nov 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'50s Hungarian premier Nagy IMRE
'Do your best' response ILLTRY
'Replace all __': golf course reminder DIVOTS
*20th-century political symbol IRONCURTAIN
*Metaphor for a failure LEADBALLOON
*Mind reader's obstacle, some believe TINFOILHAT
*Symbol of inherited wealth SILVERSPOON
1978 Peace co-Nobelist SADAT
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Ages and ages EONS
Alleviate EASE
Also TOO
Announce DECLARE
Backdrop SETTING
Blood-typing letters ABO
Bonkers MAD
Break out ESCAPE
Business envelope abbr ATTN
Caddie's bagful TEES
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Cherished DEAR
Closed in on NEARED
Coke alternatives RCS
Cool, once HEP
Cruel MEAN
Decathlon's 10 EVENTS
Dino's love AMORE
Disaster relief org FEMA
Elements in playground banter DARES
Expansive VAST
Fait accompli DONEDEAL
FDR's dog FALA
Full of pizzazz PERT
Have in mind INTEND
Heroic TV dog LASSIE
Hightailed it RAN
Hip-hop Dr DRE
Clues Answers
Inviting store window sign OPEN
Ishmael, in 'Moby Dick' NARRATOR
Italian fashion house PRADA
Jazz drummer Cozy and a king COLES
Kennel sounds ARFS
Latin foot PES
Like an eavesdropper, say NOSY
Loggers' contest ROLEO
Longtime Eur. realm HRE
Lush SOT
Mount in Genesis ARARAT
Much of Google's income ADSALES
New moon, e.g PHASE
Officiates REFS
Other, in Oaxaca OTRO
Over-the-street transports ELS
Painter of limp watches DALI
Port ENE of Cleveland, OH ERIEPA
Property recipient, in law ALIENEE
Ran amok RIOTED
Reasons WHYS
Rock genre ... and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues HEAVYMETAL
Seals, to sharks PREY
Slow Churned ice cream brand EDYS
Spanish Olympian's goal ELORO
St. whose name is part of its capital's name IND
Swiss capital FRANC
Talk a blue streak? SWEAR
Tattoo tool NEEDLE
They're shifted often in cities GEARS
To whom Rick said, 'We'll always have Paris' ILSA
Took a time out RESTED
Trigger, for one HORSE
Turkey neighbor IRAN
U.K. singer Rita ORA
Vicinity AREA
Yiddish 'Yikes!' OYVEY